PGA Tour 2K21 (from the makers of The Golf Club)

Still playing on Pro with all the aids turned off.

Finished 98th my first tour season.
Finished 27th my 2nd season.

Halfway through my 3rd season, I’m 6th.

So fast to play a round. 14-16 minutes. Most fun I’ve had with a golf game sincer Tiger 2000andsomething. I really think this might end up being my fav ever…it’s just so enjoyable laying in bed and playing a few rounds each night before sleep.

Well done! Is that against other players or the computer?

Computer. I’ve won 2 tourneys now the last 2 seasons so that was cool.

Not sure if once i become number 1, i will up the difficulty or not. I really enjoy Pro with no assists and dont want something that causes me more stress as I am to the point now where the play is essentially stressless…but I keep getting better, I guess I will have to give a higher level a go.

The only reason I asked is there is a player run tour if you want to see how you fare against real people, with stats online and everything. They have their own Q Tour and many divisions to suit you to your skill, and offers many room for improvement too! I know I keep promoting it, but only because it felt like a real tour when I played, and you got to know the people and the best players… real players. Something to think about if you want more than just the computer.

Cool…might be an idea…thanks.

Been a bit since I have been there, but they are really top notch and seem to be at it and on the new version!

Have any of you guys tried the Switch version? Does it sync data with PC?

No cross play or cross progression.

Boo! I would have bought it again.

I am absolutely atrocious at this game. Are you guys using a gamepad or the mouse for swinging?

I read (although it’s tough to have a real confirmating statement anywhere somehow!) that the Switch also doesn’t support downloading of other platforms course, which pretty much kills any interest I had in it. Also has some weird always online shenanigans going.

Gamepad. I rest it on my desk, sit somewhat sideways, put my thumb and pointer on the sides of the right stick and try to pull my arm back and forward in a straight line.

I always used a mouse, but historically the data always showed that the best players normally used a gamepad of some type.

I may pick this up during a winter sale, if a decent price. I always had a little pause/hitch in my swing that never was a problem with the original, but once they added the tempo mechanic to the swing, this caused a big problem. I never practiced enough to re-train myself, but I do miss the online tournaments. Maybe I will give it another shot this holiday season.

Apparently with a mouse it is possible to get something like a thick ruler and just run the mouse along side it up and down, never miss. I use a gamepad.

Yeah, heard of that before. I believe the TGC Tours had a routine that would check for that and disqualify people, but my memory is a little foggy on that.

I believe it is a little easier to hit straighter with a controller, for those skilled with one, but I always like the feedback of the mouse and it just felt more like a swing to me. Plus, I suck with controllers at anything so…

I see there is now a Beer League Tour that uses Pro skill level at that tour site. Maybe I will sign up! Wish it didn’t cost $60 to buy the game, though! I have purchased every game through the years so too bad there isn’t an upgrade price or anything.

If you signed up for one of those free Stadia accounts earlier in the year then you probably have a $10 coupon on your Stadia account and this game is currently on sale, (in NA at least) for $10.79.

So even though prior versions of this game have made me angrier than than a video game should ever make anyone, (seriously, the putting in Golf Club 1 and 2 was a crime against humanity), I gambled 79 cents on it. Hopefully I didn’t overpay.

The putting was annoying my first 5 -10 rounds…now I very very rarely 3 putt and make many 5-20 foot putts. Love the game.

Whoa, good tip!

I am ready to do the Golf!