PGA Tour 2K21 (from the makers of The Golf Club)

You could do that with Rory as well. I kind of got used to that. Here, you hold in LB. the left stick controls loft, the right controls spin. It’s backwards (IMO) based on where the +/- is, but down is back spin, forward is top spin. At least I think - I’ve only really tried backspin.

9 rounds now. 4 different courses. Pro. No assists essentially. +12 best score so far. Love it. Can’t stop playing, need to get scores into single digits. Hcp 12.2 so far.

I’m really enjoying this game. Playing on the level below Pro but it’s really relaxing and still a challenge to do well for me right now. I have all of these other games I could be playing and I keep playing rounds of golf. :)

Ya…I played 4 more rounds last night. Got a +21 on one course, then told myself to calm down, relax, and concentrate on the putting, the putting, the putting. Got a +3 on that same course the next round…so I think I fixed some of my problems…working from home and it’s hard not to run upstairs for a round or 2.

I did some reading on the forums and experimenting, and it appears the LEFT stick (that lets you fade/draw the shot) controls the back/top-spin and the other (right stick) +/- meter controls strike position and loft.

Really? Huh. Have to pay attention to that.

Finished up first year on the PGA. Lost the FedEx Cup. On the last hole. By hitting the flagstick with a long eagle put, and the stick kept it out by about 2 inches. I was not happy, especially losing to Adam Scott.

How many rounds did you have to play for the first year? That’s a lot of golf in 4 days!

I cut it down to 2 rounds per tournament. But yeah. It does help to turn off replays, and to hold down the Y button while the ball is in flight.

My finger is getting sore holding that down…wish you could just press it once to fast travel the ball!

Does seem like reading greens gets easier over time. I’ve turned down putting assists to 9 per round, and so far, haven’t run out.

It has for me. I am now in single plus digits on my rounds as I have figured out putting quite a bit better than I had before.

For those interested, TGCTours is in the process of converting to the new version. They are an extremely well run site that offers competitive golf, stats, rankings, and lots more. I really got into it with the first The Golf Club version and worked my way up to the PGA Tour and would imagine they still do a great job. I seem to recall it supported XBox, Playstation and PC.

I really disliked the change from the original version and purchased 2019, but didn’t really give it much of a fair shot. I can really get into a good golf game, but not sure if I should pick this one up yet. It is probably a good candidate for a sale for me.

EDIT: And for those asking about playing Augusta National and playing The Masters, or other famous courses, they set up and pick custom designed courses that are as close as possible to the active tour, or used to, and I played a Pro event at Augusta National years back and it was awesome! Very lifelike and realistic, at least with my limited knowledge watching it for many years on television.

Still playing this almost every day. Just love it. Finally shot under par twice now but average around +4 - +8.

Got my hcp down to .8 for a bit but since playing Riviera a few times, my HCP is now up to 1.4…darn it.

Have not really worked on purchasing clubs that increase stats in those areas I am decent at so I might need to work on that.

I love that the game is kind of like real life. On one hole last night I hooked the drive badly and then of couse was pissed so I really did not work on setting up the next shot out of the junk so it took a few shots to get to the green…once I was on the green was still steaming so i messed up the putting. You really need to concentrate on each shot, and if you dont and let your emotions get to you, you make more mistakes and it snowballs…just like in real golf.

Great game.

This game seems to really have fixed the crazy putting from the prior games, or at least have more official better designed courses. I’m playing on the hardest difficulty and it took me 10 tries or so to make it through Q school. Tempo is the hardest thing for me to do consistently. I seem to do better with a wired controller, but maybe it’s coincidence. So far I’m happy with the refinements make in this game.

I assume you can play coop with a friend?

I think you can create a group of up to 4.

Still playing on Pro with all the aids turned off.

Finished 98th my first tour season.
Finished 27th my 2nd season.

Halfway through my 3rd season, I’m 6th.

So fast to play a round. 14-16 minutes. Most fun I’ve had with a golf game sincer Tiger 2000andsomething. I really think this might end up being my fav ever…it’s just so enjoyable laying in bed and playing a few rounds each night before sleep.

Well done! Is that against other players or the computer?

Computer. I’ve won 2 tourneys now the last 2 seasons so that was cool.

Not sure if once i become number 1, i will up the difficulty or not. I really enjoy Pro with no assists and dont want something that causes me more stress as I am to the point now where the play is essentially stressless…but I keep getting better, I guess I will have to give a higher level a go.

The only reason I asked is there is a player run tour if you want to see how you fare against real people, with stats online and everything. They have their own Q Tour and many divisions to suit you to your skill, and offers many room for improvement too! I know I keep promoting it, but only because it felt like a real tour when I played, and you got to know the people and the best players… real players. Something to think about if you want more than just the computer.