Phallic Logo Awards

With our favorite Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies logo taking the ribbon by jury, although frankly, I think almost any of the others is a shoe in for Miss Congeniality.

Edit: This was called to my attention by my father, who found it on Something Awful. The fact that my father went to Something Awful and found it entertaining makes my skin absolutely crawl. Haw haw! Leet speak! Capital letters! Photoshop! Jeff K! “So ugly MY EYEBALLS EXPLODED!” I wonder - if I murdered the man, then pleaded it in the US courts as putting it out of his misery, could I bring about a fundamental shift in the legal dichotomy of American euthanasia cases?

Damn that Oriental Studies Institute logo cracks me up every single time. Definitely doesn’t look accidental.

Holy crap, that’s funny. It actually took me a few seconds to see it in The Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies one, but after I did I couldn’t stop laughing.

I’ll put my vote in for the abstract art of the Bellwether logo. Classic.

The winner in motion.

(For those who don’t “see” it.)

That ACC one is pretty good, too, but the Brazilian Institute for Oriental Studies definitely wins.

What is that winning logo supposed to represent anyway? I know it’s supposed to be for the Brazilian institute yadda yadda but what’s the red colour supposed to actually denote :?

The rising sun. I would guess.

Yes, that’s no moon.

Curtains, I thought

Nah, it’s supposed to be a Oriental-style building in the foreground and a rising sun in the background. But the slopes of the building’s roof set against the curving background …well, just go look at it again. :)

Ahh, you’re right. It’s hard to separate into 2 2D pictures.
My favorite on that page is the “Muff Diver” award:

Thread necromancy!

This is an actual business card order we got in tonight where I work. Identities protected and all that:


That deserves a hardy LOL.


And since this NAZI ASS FORUM won’t let me reply with a totally appropriate 4 character post, I’ll just say it again - “hardy.”

This is the most legitimate thread necromancy ever. LOLLERSKATES.