Phantasy Star Universe

Even though I’ve told myself not to play Mmo games anymore, PSO was my first technically MMO experience. The preview on 1up about PSU sounds pretty good, except there are 2 things keeping me from buying it.

First does anyone know if the controls are being calibrated for keyboard and mouse for the pc? I tried playing PSO blue burst a few months back, and the controls were just horrible for it.

2nd, paying an online fee for a PS game doesn’t sit right with me. I remember when the first one was free to play, and according to a new post on 1up that even xbox 360 owners will have to pay a fee. Those games never seemed like true mmo games like EQ and Wow, and paying 10$ a month seems a bit pricey to me.

I heard that 360 owners can beta test it right now, is anyone here playing it, and if so are the controls any better then previous ones?