Phantom Hourglass: A nice place to visit

It’s like an oasis of non-hardcore gaming.

If all goes well, I’ll have a copy waiting for me at work tomorrow. Hooray!

Nice use of “mollycoddled” by the way.

I’d like to see the Wind Waker on the DS too.

A reference to the clitoris while reviewing an E-rated game. Masterful work!

After thinking about it for a minute I get your reference but I doubt it’s intentional. The game is about a little man in a boat.

So you’re calling Tom a naif.

A Geo Naif?

So, let me get this right, you manipulate the little man in the boat with your stylus? Is it hard to find?
Great Googely Moogely, what are you doing Nintendo?

I would be surprised if a reference to a little man in a boat was unintentional. I loved it.

Shouldn’t it be “Ren and Stimpy”? Or am I missing something?

Dude, I work a reference to female genitalia into the headline and you’re going to call me out for getting the vowel wrong in a cartoon character’s name?


So it was intentional. Truly, you are the clit commando.

No, your cunning stunt impressed me, but I was genuinely trying to figure out where the pun in “Stempy” was and I couldn’t find it, hence the question. :P

So, how’d you get it by the editor Tom?

A word of warning: The game doesn’t save except when you explicitly save.

I just accidentally ejected the cartridge somehow and lost about five hours of progress that way. My fault, I know, but I’ve gotten used to DS games that automatically checkpoint your progress.

Damnit. Being forced to redo bits always plays hell with my motivation to finish a game.

I’ve been playing it today and just finshed the third dungeon, so far my only problem is that I’m having a hard time attacking using the stylus, those big green guys with shields are killing me whenever I try to fight them. Also I notice that my hand covers up the screen alot when I’m trying to move as well, is this a lefty problem or do right handed people have this? I’m not having that problem with chibi robo probably due to movement being controlled by the buttons.

As a lefty, I have the same problem, and have, in general, found the left-handed support in ds games to be extremely poor.

Being colorblind on top of that, I’m often fucked.

I don’t think it’s a left vs right problem - I have the same issue sometimes and I’m right-handed. It’s kind of unavoidable with a stylus game like this.

I still am really digging this game, though - it might be my favorite DS game of all (it’s certainly in the top 5). And it keeps hitting me with these moments of unexpected laugh-out-loud humor (disclaimer: YMMV - I’m easily amused).

My friend loaned me his DS and his copy of Phantom Hourglass for a couple of days while I had no television or Internet. Just this past weekend I bought a DS and my own copy of Phantom Hourglass.

The game that makes me buy a portable, casual, Nintendo console is a fuckin’ great game.