Phantom Testers wanted.... Apparently

Infinium Labs is looking for around 100 experienced gamers with broadband to beta test its upcoming Phantom game console.

Infinium Labs has today announced that it is accepting applications for the public beta test of its Phantom game console on its official Web site. The goal of the public beta is to have at least 100 experienced gamers with broadband to test the Phantom console starting beginning towards the end of this year. Successful applicants will be at least 13 years of age, and reside either in the US or Canada.

Infinium Labs plans to unveil the Phantom to public audiences for the first time at this summer’s Ultimate Gamers Expo in Los Angeles. The console, which was first announced back in January, will purportedly support games on demand, game demos, seamless upgrades and patch management. We’ll bring you more information on the Phantom as soon as it becomes available.


Wow. Become a tester on a non-existent console? I’m in! When do I get paid?[/quote]

Doh thought this thread was for the upcoming SWG release! I mean isn’t SWG still a beta? even now? bah nevermind!



These guys are looking for $25 million financing, and just hit us up to contribute. They seem like real losers.

Only 100 users for a supposedly mass market concole? Mmmm yea, sign me up.

Their (physical) address is located in an area of Florida thats notorious for cheap office space (re; strip mall) where fly-by-night “marketing” companies flourish (infomercials for various “alternative medicine” companies, as-seen-on-TV gadgets made in China etc).

I’m not saying this is a shady company but the logistics of putting something together of this magnitude should’nt be done by a group of people who don’t have a huge amount working capital on hand already.

I wish them well but…well…yeah…

The fact that the application webform asks for 2 seperate email addresses, and uses Outlook to submit an unencrypted message using my email address (or so the warnings popping up on my screen when fiddling with the thing would have me believe.) makes me think that this is the most elaborate attempt at selling me penis enhancing flinstone vitamins I have ever seen.

And no, I wasn’t applying. Just poking at it with some phony info.