Phil Fish says goodbye and goes home

Title Phil Fish says goodbye and goes home
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When July 29, 2013

Phil Fish, creator of Fez, says he's quit making games and canceled development of Fez II. The dramatic event occurred over the weekend when Fish abruptly posted his goodbye on his Polytron site. FEZ II is cancelled. i am done. i take the money and run..

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When I read that this Fuz thing was canceled, I cried - great big tears of joy.

To be fair, the guy's always been a drama queen.

Can't wait to see what happens in the next episode of Free Philly. Has our young, brash hero truly found his freedom, or will
the predatory games journalists hunt him down and make him
eat his fez?

People give this guy a lot of shit, he is definitely outspoken and not always polite, but I don't think anyone is a winner when the sequel to a great game gets canceled.

I've always been a fan of separating the art from the artist, but in Mr. Fish's case, that wall has been hard to build. At least I no longer have to fret over either A) not consuming what I've heard is a great game or B) financially supporting a dude that comes off as a HUGE jerk.

But what do I know about anything. I hope Mr. Fish gets through this current shitstorm alright, because gamers are the worst people, and I certainly wouldn't want that hate pointed at me.

Best news I've heard all week and seriously, who wears glasses in a pool?

...and very few people cared

I'll join that small crowd then. Fez was an interesting and unique game made by a guy who didn't know when to shut up. And I will miss him.

Yeah, he made a good game. I just feel he kind of destroyed any good will from it afterwards.

It's a shame that he's quitting because of his talent, but some people just can't handle the business

Worthwhile read for context:

I know we're all supposed to be fully on the "Hate Phil Fish" train right now, but I actually do wear glasses in a pool. Not because I want to look like a hipster or because I think I look cool, but because I can't see out of my eyes without glasses.

I can't argue that since I don't know Phil Fish. I do know Fez, I was completely obsessed with it for a couple of weeks.

I guess everyone has to make their own call as to what extent a creator's opinions and comments influence their own opinions about those creations. But it's starting to look like it may be in most folks' best interests to shut down their twitter accounts and speak only through publicists.

I don't think constant harassment should be part of "the business". Being called an asshole and receiving threats every single day because of something a bit stupid that you said shouldn't be part of the business. It's that same bullshit attitude that allows frustrated gamers to send death threats to a COD dev because of a small patch, and it's the same bullshit excuse people use to threaten and harass women to the margins of the industry.

That kind of stuff shouldn't be shrugged off as just being part of "the business".

Hooray one less duche along with cliffy b.

I didn't excuse anything, which you seem to assume. I don't excuse any manner of sexual harassment and that's a ridiculous comparison. He's a very outspoken and acerbic person that has done nothing to diffuse the situation.

None of this should be part of the business. I should never have to deal with people that think I should die thanks to a review score, etc, but it does happen. There's 2 ways to deal with it - ignore it or engage. I learned a long time ago that it's better to not engage.

I've worn mine in the pool before.


Of course, all that being said, I AM honestly sad he left the community. I feel for him. I can be overly sensitive and sometimes I have a hard time with criticism so I get it. I just learned to deal with it.

I'm waiting for the follow-up release where he announces that he hates us and we're not best friends anymore.

Exactly. It's hard to ogle if you can't see!