Phil Spencer on XCast - Honest Assessments of Xbox

This seems like it’s big enough for a thread.

I can’t watch at work, but I read this article about it on Eurogamer posted by @Sam_Jones in the Redfall thread.

Interesting assessment. I hope they’re able to learn good lessons and implement them well.

I’ll definitely try to listen to the whole thing when I get home tonight.

Still at work, but I found this article, I think about this same interview.

I think he’s right about this. The Xbox One generation was the worst one to lose so badly. It makes catching up a huge uphill climb.

It will be interesting to see if Xbox takes any other immediate actions. I’m kind of surprised they haven’t recalled the game and issued refunds.

It is interesting that he said that their internal review scores were much higher that the actual ones. It sounds like their internal review process definitely needs some work!

Maybe their internal reviewers put a lot of weight behind “uninstalls perfectly.”

And yet Don Mattrick failed upward to be CEO of Zynga.

I still don’t understand why Arkane, of all studios, went the route they did on Redfall. No one was clamoring for that kind of game from them. Made no sense to me.

I imagine it was something like “I really like Dying Light, I bet we could make something like that, maybe with Vampires instead of Zombies. Sounds great!”.

That’s where Phil Spencer gets it right. Development teams should be allowed to decide what they want to make, within reason of course. They had made other first person games, so shifting to this style wasn’t a big deal IMO.

If Redfall was great, no one would be complaining that they didn’t make another game like the ones that Harvey Smith has worked on before. In fact, if it didn’t have quality control issues, it’s likely that Phil isn’t apologizing (again) for Xbox continually failing to deliver a quality AAA game.

Something that I don’t understand from MS is how it doesn’t seem to try to fix where their portfolio is lacking, precisely in the areas where Sony is strong: big AAA cinematic third person action/adventure games.
With Uncharted / Last of Us / God of War / Spider-Man / Horizon / some others like Ghost of Tsushima, they have a serious hold on this very popular genre for the last two generations already. MS have shooters, some RPGs, some racing games, but nothing as big as those games in the genre.

I guess they are making their first competitor right now, with Hellblade 2.

The Day One Apology for Starfield is going to be fucking epic.

“We had hoped to provide more than one planet. We hear that you’re disappointed in not being able to set foot on it…”

Lol, you would think the game shit on your face or something. I’m having alot of fun with it, have about ten hours in and its just as entertaining as any far cry or sony open world game i’ve played. In fact I like that the game respects my time and most of the loot is interesting!

oh yeah about phil spencer, whatever! as long as i get the best gamepass games im fine. Dont need to buy much! 30 million gamepass subscribers is nothing to sneeze at! ponys be sad as always, cuz deep down they know its downhill for sony, jim already says so!


Can’t tell if you’re serious?

“We are just as disappointed as you are that the launch date for Starfield has been delayed, but our creative teams need more time to polish our Day One Apology before official release.”

Maybe he’ll wear a space helmet.

Given that MS has bought seemingly everyone this is all a bit depressing.

and a french tickler