Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

How did I miss this!?! I couldn’t find another topic about it here.

An anthology series based on the works of Philip K. Dick is coming later this year, apparently a Channel 4 / Amazon Prime production:

PKD is one of my favorite writers, and there’s a lot of gold to be found in the anthologies that collect his short stories. I’m especially looking forward to Autofac as that is one of my favorite short stories, but some of my favorites are missing. If this does well we can hopefully get The Variable Man and The Trouble With Bubbles in the next season.

I missed it too. Pretty excited by it, but I’d really like to see them do Ubik.

Holy crap this is amazing!!

They’re doing Father Thing? I’m on this like stink on a monkey.

Yeah, that one is also one of the greats.

This looks EFFING awesome! Had to go to the Sun to see the trailer. Youtube link is limited to UK.

Like how the trailer uses Radiohead. Fits perfectly with some of the dystopia.

also being produced with Cranston and Ron Moore of BSG 2k fame. so this show should be just as good as Black Mirror. It’s like Twilight Zone/Outer Limits… now we just need a Night Gallery… something more horror focused… like Darkplace.

RDM can be a mixed blessing… But I have faith this will be great.

First episode aired Sunday, and it was pretty good. Suitably bleak and well realised production - a grimier, Megacity One style version of that future 60s/70s vibe that Legion has.

Any word on when it will turn up here in the Colonies?

Pretty soon, I’d have thought, but it could be one of those end of season jobs, I guess.

Edit: looks like it’s not going to be September, at least.

Nice! Looking forward to getting a chance to watch it.

January 12 for Amazon US.

I turned off the show after 15 minutes. It was hilariously bad, and reminded me more of the old Australian kids sci fi shows we used to watch 20 years ago, where the actors dressed up in weird clothes to signify “it’s the future”. Ouch.

I’ve still not had a chance to see any of this.

@Razgon You mean The Girl From the Future and Ocean Girl? Those shows were… probably not half as good as I remember them.

PKDED is an anthology show, though. Maybe the next episodes are better? I know many who can’t get past the first episode of Black Mirror.

Sadly, the new show. The first episode The Hood Maker, was not very good.

I should have put a paragraph there to split my questions. Were the old Australian you mentioned these?

Haha yes, exactly those! I loved those back in the day, but man they are poor in today’s light.

So far this has been solid sci-fi – except for episode 4 with Steve Buscemi with the pig-people and the boat, my god that one was unwatchable.

There is a fair bit of star power and budget here, including Bryan Cranston, Terrence Howard, Anna Paquin, Greg Kinnear, Mireille Enos (from The Killing), etc… also maybe a sex scene mandate? Can’t quite tell but have been surprised.

The wife wants to finish Black Mirror before we start on this, but we only have two left, so should be on it by the end of the week…