Philip Seymour Hoffman, John C. Reilly, or Paul Giamatti?

I don’t know why this question popped into my head as I was falling asleep, but now I have to know.

I’m honestly torn, especially about Philip Seymour Hoffman vs. Paul Giamatti. John C. Reilly is great and all, but I can’t see him devouring the scenery as an over-the-top villain.

I might have to give it to Hoffman in the end. Just thinking of all the different roles he’s played, he is one versatile motherfucker.

If we’re talking villains, Giamatti, but if we’re talking actors, it has to be Hoffman.


PSH, man. Gotta be. Nothin’ against Reilly or Giamatti, but neither of them have the range Hoffman has. That guy can play uptight, high-class paragons and grimey, low-down scuzzballs with equal aplomb.

Has Paul Giamatti ever played any role besides Paul Giamatti?

I voted for Giamatti because in Big Fat Liar when Giamatti plays the titular Big Fat Liar, I really believed that he hated Frankie Muniz.

I’m not going to switch my vote, or anything (even if I could), but I just want to say, you make a great case, man.

I’d give my vote to Hoffman based on Pirate Radio alone.

I choose the black version of these guys: Forest Whitaker

William H. Macy

I’ll go with Paul Giamatti every time. Sideways alone seals it for me.

And he played a woman in Titanic.

I am sad to see no one giving votes to Reilly, but I myself voted for Hoffman.

Hope Davis.


Didn’t one of those guys rack up three Oscar nominations in a single year?

She was fantastic in Up In The Air.


Philip Seymour Hoffman says my favourite line in Big Lebowski*, so he wins.

  • It’s after Jeff Bridges’ amazing speech in the limo (“New shit has come to light!”), when he closes with a rambling “Hadn’t that ever occurred to you?” Lebowski says, “No, Dude, that had not occurred to us” and almost immediately after Hoffman says “That had not occurred to us, Dude.” There’s something about the way he hits that not that makes me laugh every single time.

This really isn’t much of a contest, is it?

Heh. Apparently not.