Philip Seymour Hoffman, John C. Reilly, or Paul Giamatti?

I gave him one. I cant imagine either of the others pulling off “Mister Cellophane.”

Oddly enough, that sealed it for me as well. His auteur effort was an insufferable movie about an insufferable man.

Giamatti is most certainly not the auteur of Sideways. Alexander Payne, the director, is the closest candidate.

It’s based off a novel, so if anyone I would imagine Rex Pickett would be the source of your ire.

That said, I loved Sideways.

I thought these types of thread/polls were about who you most wanted to bone.

And that’s exactly how I’m reading all the responses in here, btw.

I didn’t realize we had so much alternative lifestyle representation here on the Qt3.

My answer’s still the same.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is my scruffy little teddy bear.

Hm, answer doesn’t change, but that would be is a comparison of preference, not an expression of desire which would be damn low with any selection.

Oh, and I guess I got it wrong about Giamatti’s involvement with Sideways. Such is memory, and the movie still underdelivered for those of us who heard the hype first.

If you put a gun to my head I’d probably say Hoffman was the best actor, but I like Giamatti more, and everyone needs to go see American Splendor.

Boom goes the dynamite. This is one of my favorite films, and one of the big reasons I love Giamatti.

PSH was amazing in Charlie Wilson’s War, so I will vote for him.

But Reilly has a special place in my heart as Dr. Steve Brule. He doesn’t take himself too seriously.

I’ve liked Giamatti in everything I’ve seen him in (including American Splendor), but that’s essentially because in every role, he’s played Paul Giamatti. I don’t necessarily like PSH as much, but he’s someone different in each role.

It’s not a very good movie, but he’s not Paul Giamatti in The Illusionist.

Glad I’m not the only Brule fan. For your health!


I was big JCR fan before he became Will Ferrell’s understudy.

Hoffman, because he graduated from my high school in the same year as my sister.

Well, Reilly has more than zero votes now.

My vote for him was in the “would most like to have a few beers with” sense of the contest. As an actor I would go with Hoffman for his work in Lebowski alone as already mentioned. I happened to watch it last night. He is sublime.

Wine was invented by the Romans.
For orgies.
And orgies aren’t any fun if no one wants to do it with you.

Actually, in American Splendor, he was playing Harvey Pekar. He did a damn fine job as well. He is a character actor, through and through. Range isn’t what is important here, it is style. I like his style. I really really like PSH as well, but Giamatti is my style.