I prefer my burgers circumcised.

Hi Adree,

Your question is the same thing that has been asked millions of times … In 2001 when I received the gift of exorcism, about February when I healed at Angat, Bulacan, the 3 witches had possessed 80% of the patients I healed which had all been FAILed by their doctors and hospitals due to mysterious illnesses. To DISCERN possession, my first test based on their accounts, is whether or not the ill persons or not ill, could not sleep at night or for months and years had in reality never experience sleeping, and it is not simple insomnia which can be treated by sleep management disorders of Medical Arts Building hospitals.

As you see, the devil has many ways and millions of instruments to inflict pains and deaths upon innocent people via causes of jealosy, hatred and vengeance by witches, even by aswangs, barangs and name them all, with different names in different countries, usually called wiccans or white witches, with pretty rituals but evil ends.
I warn you that even in Bulacan, several Catholic priests refused to exorcise and pray over these patients I healed, since these priests were not properly armed like me with amulets and powers with the LIGHT/s. So these priests had been harmed and they retreated. The same thing would happen in your places. Many exorcists might not be able to treat or drive away demons. In Catholicism, exorcism is done by a holy priest using ancient Latin rites with written permission of the Cardinal of the place.But even so, the devil often defeats the exorcist, but not me, since the devil is so afraid of LUIS due to the highest VIOLET lights. For sure, it is waste of time to call 911 or to visit you hospitals or doctors, since, under the law of evil and exorcism, medicines or doctor’s intervention, would often result to contradiction to the very exorcism. So, I advise, that, you should use Catholic priest’s blessed holy water, coal, incense, all from the sacristy, use them smoking at 6pm, and wear the blessed by the Catholic priest Holy Rosary around the neck, and drink waters dropped with holy water 24 hours. Pray hard, for the devil can only harm and kill the body but not the soul and spirit.

It is not a question of belief or even medical diagnosis, but of spiritual fact, the fact that the body is destroyed by mysterious illnesses with simultaneous insomnia at nights for years.

Hi Calistas,

 I beg to disagree on ATM witches ... here in the Philippines, my own broker Jovy Estrella was allegedly voodooed (Voodoo modus operandi) by 2 men convincing her to part with her money. There are lots of headlines and news reports on this Voodoos, where 2 to 3 persons would conspire to HYPNOTIZE a victim in order to get money or valuables. Well, here, in ATMs there are high tech modus operandi to steal the moneys. But the mode is not witchcraft or demon possession, but rather, tricks, illusions, of if you recall the Amazing Randi the magician whose $ 1 million challenge JREF, is nothing but a hypnosis of the highest character to deceive via use of hatred of religion and making science God, resulting to his extortion of money. He was just a mere employee here in the nite clubs earning measly sums in 1970:

Hi alexlitel and Hanacker,
Don’t believe in doctors and NGOs infomericals in journals that CUTing prevents aids. They do not know the consequences. Here in the Philippines, a 21 year old Australian immigrant spent over $ 2,000 transportation expenses just to CUT that skin, here in the Philippines, coz there it was not possible due to red tapes. Imagine the knives and scissors could hardly cut the beef stew since it must first be put into the pressure cooker for 10 hours. But it is delicious, for those who love CUT burgers. Here, I am not scaring yeah!

September 19 Saturday
Last night, 11pm, as I went home to Malolos, 2 young men’s single motorcycle smash hit the back of the jeepney I was riding, resulting to both serious injuries if not death.

Actually, Judge, you’re right, it is talked about as Hypnotism in Indonesia, not witchcraft, but it’s hypnotism conducted by “witches”. The mother of a friend of the wife’s says she lost $30,000us this way. All it requires is a touch on the arm and a look, and bam, you’re under their control. So they say…

Let me share with you my collateral experience on GAYUMA and sorcery.

Last 2006-2007, a very wealthy lady using the name of Celita-Librado de Guzman, asked me to do Spanish Card Reading to her at Shangrila Makati.
She thought I was fake and joke only.
So, she pretended that she has no money, and could not let me into her house.

She begged me to help her dig the treasure at Angat Bulacan, since she already spent $ 100,000 last 10 years but could not get it. The cards however said that she is extremely wealthy and could not yet get the treasure even if she hires me with fees.

Because of this lies, she was punished by LUIS.

About 3 days after our card reading, her sister Mayla was suddenly hypnotized by mother of a Mexican lass who fell in love with her husband.

Cel spent huge sums to educate Mayla in Switzerland; she met her Italian husband and had him employed at a Mexican hotel earning $ 10,000 a month. They lived happily ever after and had 2 children.

So, Cel told me that the Mexican mother brought to her husband a plant with potent powers to hypnotize Mayla’s husband. So, the 3rd day after this Cel deceived me in Card Reading, Mayla was scolded by her husband, and just that night and after 8 years of happy marriage, Mayla and her 2 kids were sent to Cel here in Philippines, and I met them all later on January 2007.

Cel again even brought to me Robert Valencia, an astrologist, who suddenly got ill with cancer of the liver after he sat beside me. St. Luke’s Hospital’s doctor failed to detect it and cleared him. He died last 2 months.

Cel begged me not only to dig the treasure, but even to ask LUIS to exorcize the GAYUMA and witchcraft used by the Mexican mother upon Mayla’s 8 years Italian husband.

Great trauma and they were begging me as if LUIS is cheap.

I gave them some rest and respite but candidly told them that LUIS is not a joke. We were on their 27th floor condominium at Wack Wack where if you look down, Comelec deposed Chair Benjamin Abalos plays golf while her neighbor resided front of her, former SEC Chair most corrupt Perfecto Yasay.

Cel confessed to me that she plays or her business was cement, and now, money market online …

So, due to my financial woes, I gave her a copy of my titles and I attempted to mortgage the same to her.

That was the last time I met her, and I demanded her and Robert to return my books I lent them,


Gayuma is an evil potent drink used to bewitch a man to love a woman.

A lady named Tess Jerosalem told me that she had used such:

she had worn her panty for 2 days and soaked it in water boiled the water she put coffee and had this GAYUMA drunk by her lover.

It was successful but she and the lover suffered dire accidents that I foretold.

Such is evil, and I said, there are tons of evils with many names that originated from the Dragon or Beast 666 released for 1000 years in Revelation to sow fear and death.

I wish you read between the lines, on who this LUIS is!

Hi everybody,

Judge Floro has put himself forward as a candidate for Chief Justice of the Philippines!

If you don’t read his Twitter feed, you really should:


Judge Floro is what is going on in this thread. He is a valued member of our community.

Doesn’t this news merit its own P&R thread?

Oh John I miss you all. I had been absent for long … since daily, I spent 7 hours just to blog chapters of my 2nd book which I had finished about 3 years since 2006. I love the images. You may ease your stress upon reading the images and our historical appointment of Chief Justice, I am one of the nominees. I don’t know how this happened to me!

Here is our January 24 2010 Clan Reunion, and I boycotted it due to quarrels with my brother Jesie and cousin Fatima Velasquez

I don't know if I really bi-located and did a concert in UK, but I have now a music album

     So, I am jobless and I am applying for a vacancy - the Chief Justice Post ... there are miracles, Virginia!

Good luck, Judge Floro! Glad you have been keeping busy.

Judge Floro, you do healings, right? Do those work from far away? If so, I would ask that you heal my nose. See, two nights ago, an unkind person punched me in the face for no reason and broke my nose. It is my first broken bone, and I am proud to be able to stand tall amongst the men of the Broken Bone Club, whereas before I could not, but still it is not fun because I cannot breathe through my nose and people kind of stare at the swelling and the stitches. What was most humiliating was when the people at the hospital did not really believe that I had been attacked for no reason, but I suppose that I cannot blame them. I know the mending of my pride will only come in time, but if you could do anything for my nose, I would appreciate it. If you do end up becoming Chief Justice of the Philippines, I will wish that I had been punched in the face in the Philippines so that when I press charges against the unkind gentleman who struck me, that we might appear before you and you could judge him righteously.

So if you can heal me from far away, I would greatly appreciate it, but if you cannot, I understand.

Dear tiohn,

Let me stress that as closed Catholic, I believe that there is no such thing as distance healing, as you would gaze in merchants' horoscope and tarot card blogs; even if Jesus Christ healed by faith, some distant patients, I am only an instrument of 3 holy angels, who are Mary's army members, and are below the Saint's plane.

Lito from Texas came here asking me to heal his friend afflicted with renal failure disease via picture. But I said that a kidney which is 100% non-functioning is dead. It cannot be, as of this time healed, except in distant times when stem cells would word. 85% of diseases in the medical dictionary are not allowed to be healed by healers and doctors per God's mandate, but they could only prolong the death verdict's times ... to let the person repent.

As to whether you are serious on your predicament on [B]noses, let me heal you by sharing with you this nose:[/B]

I hope you will be fine and Peace of Christ!

Thanks Mars, but lest I be misconstrued, I would like to state by copy pasting my thoughts I shared in another Pinoy Forum:

"If you carefully read the newsreports, about 19 of them, which I copy pasted almost in full here,

you will find that -

with sheer elementary mathematics,

only 4 of the final 9 candidates-nominees for CJ would qualifty to be chosen - since the 5 of them, put a condition - that they are nominated subject to submission of their names to the next President.

So, Renato Corona, Brion, Tere de Castro and Judge Florentino Floro are the only 4 finals in the list as of deadline Feb 4.

Now, read the Constitution - JBC must submit no less than 3.

So, since Corona is plagued with one strong opposition aside from being medically unfit due to 2 spinal surgeries making him the Titanium Justice, and Brion has many death threats aside from erratic hypertension and diabetes, while Tere de Castro’s bar rating is so low -

then Judge Floro with impeccable 87.55% 1983 Bar Rating tying with Justice Antonio Carpio’s 87.55%, remains the only possible Dwendito candidate to be annointed by Thumbelina PGMA.

Since Judge Floro predicted and repeatedly reiterated in his 26 pages application on Feb 4 DOWNLOAD it by clicking^_florentino^_floro^_Chief^_Justice.doc

then, the next CJ would have a 666 on the forehead.

Assuming ex gratia argumenti that Judge Floro in Dear John Wonderland fantasize to be the next 666 CJ, his only program would be:

to eliminate the baboy Court of Appeals FIXED by 69 Justices

into a Green Motel funded by El Sadai and J Jay L. The broker’s fee from a DPWH engineer would be used by Judge Floro to TIE in Dividendazo Racing OTB races Pick 6 and Winner take all.

If Lucky, Judge Floro will use his horse racing winnings as CJ, to build 3 medical tourism hospitals for Cancer and Stroke Justices.

LUIS, Armand and Angel were born in Osaka Japan but are truly Filipinos, according to Judge Floro’s YouTube 108 videos.

They are really super ninjas.

Angel of Death, LUIS, Armand and Angel: Judge Florentino Floro, Prophet and Visionary
Saturday, January 16, 2010
Philippine Mystic Dwarfs LUIS, Armand and Angel Meet Healing and Psychic Judge Florentino Floro

Psychic and Healing Judge Florentino Floro meets Mystic Dwarves LUIS, Armand and Angel
Friday, December 04, 2009
Judge Florentino Floro, Minita Viray Chico-Nazario: Close Encounter with LUIS, Armand and Angel - Violet-bluish & White Lights versus Evil and Enemies

Do you know that CJ Puno got 76% in Bar Rating, while Justice Nazario got 80% while Justice Hermosisima, Jr. got 83%, and Brion got 91.6% but he failed to break Judge Floro’s 91% Criminal law review unbroken record under Dean Antonio L. Gregorio, Ateneo, 1975-1985?

Miriam Defensor Santiago napanood ba nyo kagabi sa Gma7 and life niya got 77% Bar rating.



I learned how to create the URL in Skydrive hence I can share my book in PDF[/B]^_book.pdf^_book.pdf

I’ll be honest, I always suspected. It just explains so much.

Hell, now MY nose is healed and there wasn’t even anything WRONG with it! Thank you, Judge Floro!

WONDERFUL! I was very sad that the Zend links in the first page of this thread are all dead. Going to Skydrive now!

– and it worked! I have the book! I am very happy. Thank you again, Judge Floro!

Also, I read an article about how in your country, the Philippines, people are sometimes killed for singing the Frank Sinatra song “My Way.” What is your opinion on this?

judgefloro, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my request, and I very much appreciate the picture. My nose will heal in time, but that picture makes the very best of it. Thank you.

Repo, wanna go looking for truffles this weekend?

As a genuine and honest skeptic (for which reason, I, as disinterested chosen one, who had been destined to be LUIS’ instrument and friend), My Way of Sinatra is just one of the published anger, singing rage and vendetta that happens daily in this weird planet populated by maniacs, freaks, hypocrites like us, sinners and saints.

Many facets of rage and anger had not been published but would only be part of daily chats in markets and noodle house or in barber shops.

Take this road rage thing, for example …

Why do people kill? Simply put, why do people let go off their exploding inner fire? Coz in psychology, like in our Ozone disco fire tragedy, victims would first get angry, see ambulance chasers lawyers, accept, blame themselves due to KARMA and later the pain reverberates.

Even Justices regularly commit road rage putting sheriffs into jail in CA, if you read Dwarfs and Judges don’t mix.

I myself do have peace of mind, since I forgave all my tons of enemies, as pre-requisite for Biblical curse under Psalms 109 and 73. To ease my pain and psychiatric stress, I skip the doctor and pills, due to global recession for I am jobless, by jumping 5 times when Rod Nazario wife of my ponente Justice Minita died of lung cancer last Sept 23. It is fun to see my enemies suffer pains and die slowly.

Such is my terse thesis of why My Way could have caused the rage.

I desire to publish by Skydrive PDF or word, my 1060 pages book that I had for 3 months or since last November put each chapters into blogs. Publishing my book online would save me from censorship and libel charges, for I love the truth.

Just a question: who among you would have time to edit grammar and spelling and style my book if I put it here? Just asking!

Here in the Philippines, noses are fixed per $ 2,000 mercenary doctors’ extortion called cosmetic surgery. But lawyers would not let this go … they have lots of cases on this kind of thing, called torts and damages … with terrific acceptance fees. Noses are damaged not by accident but by extortion in surgery rooms.

I am watching daily Travel and Living since I love food cooking, and I do not have any idea why truffles cost like gold, what does it taste, is it just mushroom, Wikipedia could not let me understand this thing truffles, please explain to me. Cheers.

Judge Florentino Floro Eyes Chief Justice Post

February 4, 2010, 26-pages Verified Application for Philippine Chief Justice by Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr.; Judge Floro’s Nomination of Atty. Henry R. Villarica, Atty. Gregorio M. Batiller, Jr., SC Associate Justices Arturo D. Brion and Conchita Carpio-Morales - TEN: The Evening News, TV 5, Associated Broadcasting Company, 10:30 - 11:30 p.m., February 4, 2010, No. 3 News (by Andrea Bautista)