Philippines - Bongbong Marcos is going to be the new President?

I’m stunned. I know Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is not his father, but he directly benefited from his crimes and has consistently downplayed his family’s guilt.

Out of the Duerte and into the Bongbong.

Huh, so his father left power in 86, hence why his name was unknown to me. I don’t know the details of the scandal, but thats a long time for any of that to fade. Especially if there is a perception of them being better days (I don’t know if thats the case).

“Scandal” is putting it mildly. The Marcos family stole billions from the Philippine people and had to flee before they were caught.

That seems a rather tough thing to get past!

I am curious the developments that could lead to his win, I’m sure there had to be some local effect, because objectively that seems pretty disqualifying.

So the Philippine people really like horrible leaders? Is that what I’m seeing?

Apparently. To be fair to Bongbong i have no idea if he’ll be a terrible leader. Duerte has been awful but like Trump he has supporters that admire his “plain talk” and dictatorial methods.

Who are the “white non-college males” of the Philippine electorate?

Duerte/Bongbong, Erdogan, Trump, Orban, Bolsonaro… democracy/liberalism has a sickness that I hope it can recover from.

I fear it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Never mind his father, Bongbong has a lot of shoes to fill!

(I’ll see myself out.)

Also, this

Filipino people are a hardworking people but easily brainwashed by their family and Catholic institutions.

The reason Bongbong is being elected is that when the Marcos family fled, they actually took the billions of dollars of the government’s money, and secured it in foreign banks so that it could not be stolen. Now, if the people are successful in electing Bongbong, the Marcos family will be able to reclaim that money for the people, and the government will suddenly be rich and able to run all sorts of social welfare programs.

Or, this is what social media is saying! I’m assuming that Bongbong is actually a Nigerian Prince, which would be a very exciting development. [he’s not, but doesn’t it sound like the Nigerian prince scam?]

BBC world a few days ago went through various interviews with people who spouted this out verbatim (while the commentators repeated over and over that this wasn’t at all true). It’s a bit disappointing, but social media is a hell of a drug.

A variant:

I can see that. The nice Philippine families I know here are some of the hardest core Catholics I’ve ever seen.

I had a friend named Bongbong. He used to smoke two bongs at a time. He was always wasted. Then he bought shoes on QVC.


This could also go in the Social Media is Evil Thread

My friend is now looking to flee.

Apparently the expectations are so bad her heavily (and I mean heavily) racist parents would rather have her date a black man than stay in the country.

Man, the people are so gullible and weak minded

I heard Bongbong is actually Balut from Qt3