You may well accuse me of lowering the whole tone of Qt3 with this thread, but you can’t say you weren’t warned.

I’ve been sick for the last week. The particular nature of this sickness I think started with my one-year-old son. Anyone with a baby knows that when they get a cold it pretty much turns their cute little face into a mucus factory. Well, he got some kind of a Seattle cold (we just moved up here and the local microfauna are making their first incursions on our untrained California immune systems), and he had the Thick Yellow Boogers for about four weeks.

Usually when the kid(s) get sick, it doesn’t affect us much, but this time he must have reached some kind of critical viral load that got to me. Or maybe my immune response was lowered by too many late nights playing Dead Space (a game calculated to lower your resistance to EVERYTHING).

Anyway, for the last week I’ve had a really nasty bug – every time I try to go to sleep I get a tickle in my throat and then I’m coughing my lungs out until I dose myself with Cheratussin. Why does trying to go to sleep make the coughing start? And every morning it’s Phlegm Excavation Time. Man, your sinuses have more storage capacity than you think. Why is it that some colds give you only a super runny watery nose, and others make thick mucus that’s almost alarming in its tenacity? How does that work? Why are such different kinds of mucus helpful at all to the body? DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Obviously I’m fascinated/repelled by it (or why would I be fucking posting this?).

The real downside is that based on my investigations the last time I had a nasty cold-ish thing, it looks like bronchial hoo-ha like this not infrequently lasts for like four weeks, totally regardless of whether you do antibiotics or not. I frown on antibiotics unless clearly necessary for some kind of septic infection, so I’m definitely not going that route, but still, man, what is it with these immune systems and viruses? I’m not looking forward to another two weeks of this crap.

I’ve been SO good, going to bed every night early, getting a full eight hours sleep (no small matter with a four-year-old and a one-year-old in the house), and no gaming for me AT ALL since it only happens after everyone’s asleep. Gah. I think Fallout 3 is going to shatter my resolve in that area, and then the chips will have to fall where they may.

Thank you for listening. Feel free to savage my wimpishness (or tastelessness) on all fronts.

Lately I have been suddenly coughing at completely random times once or twice a day. I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s irritating. I think it’s going to be a bad winter.

I have a 17-month old, and we have all been suffering from a similar cold for the last 4 weeks. Mucus factory, coughing at night, and now the little one has an ear infection too :(

So it’s not just a Seattle thing, we’re in CA and suffering the brunt of it too. Face it, you can’t escape the cold by moving to the other end of the country!

Water, sleep, and an expectorant?

I have this same cough. I don’t feel particularly sick, but I get really awful coughing at night, and here and there during the day today.

Clearly it’s some sort of fast spreading sleeper virus that’s going to kill us all in a couple weeks.

OK now I’m fucking creeped out. Thanks a lot, guys. Cue Tom Lehrer!

We will all go together when we go…

Needs the Global Warming and Deadly Pandemic versions.

Forget antibiotics, and just dope up on Claritin-D. That stuff will clean you up darn tootin. Just make sure, when you’re under the influence, to keep your fluids high, or you’ll dry up like an old apple.

Get yourself a cheap mister at the drug store and fill it up before you go to bed. Close all the doors to your room, so it collects, and snuggle up under layers. You can beat most any sinus issue (particularly morning issue) with steam, a little night-sweats, and 8 hours.

As a father, you’ll learn that your kids are carriers of theses things. Just wait until he gets into Daycare/preschool/kindergarten. Hah!

Careful about humidifiers… I had a friend that used to run his at night and when he moved out, he found all sorts of mold living on his wall against his bed. Eew.

Yea, don’t run it 24/7. Not only does it suck up a lot of juice, but it’ll eventually get anything paper in the room to get all soggy.

If you haven’t run it for a while, make sure to clean it out, as well. You don’t want that concentrated and then injected back into the room.

We’ve been using a vaporiser for the little one, and that helps him a lot. I don’t think they create such a risk for mold, but I still try and air the room out during daytime just in case.

Seriously, the CDC has determined it would be much more efficient to just vaccinate preschoolers than old people.

What the heck is wrong with children? Do they share buggers and lick doorknobs?

Oh sweet, New Jersey mandates flu vaccines for preschoolers.

I am told that sleep, water and an expectorant are what you need. Avoid the cough suppressant and spit out all the crap you cough up. (I am not a doctor, but this is what a medical professional told me.)

I just got over a similar cold, and the only time I took a cough suppressant/nasal medication was when I went to bed. I felt miserable for a few days, then it just became an annoying cough.

I sincerely hope not. They may share boogers though!

I talk with elementary school teachers all day at work, and I’d say that 80% of them have some sort of cold right now. They all seem to get over it really fast, but they catch at least a couple of colds during the school year.

Darn, I KNEW I shoulda used “cooties” instead.

Settle in with a good whiskey and the alcohol will nuke the germs in your throat.

I never have a problem with colds in the winter. Come spring and summer, though, and the hay fever sets in with a vengeance.

You can eliminate mold and crap from growing in your humidifier by using a bacteriostat in it. We use the Holmes product:

A bottle lasts us for ~6 months and costs like $2. They have a water treatment that keeps scale from getting hard inside the humidifier, making it a lot easier to clean, as well.

Check you room for mold and mildew. I had the same problem. I kept noticing an odd stench in the room. I let my nose do the work, and found that a bedside table had somehow become infested with mildew – when I removed it from the wall, the back side had black streaks all over, and as I moved it out of the house the stench was a lot stronger.

Suddenly, I haven’t needed claritin any more.

Check your furniture, your upholstery, your walls; vacuum under and behind the bed, and see if you find anything. If you’ve had the same pillow for several years, either wash it or replace it. Basically clean everything you haven’t cleaned in a while really well and see what happens.