Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Tomb Raider (Amazon Prime)

WTF? I mean I liked Fleabag but this is so bizzare. Curious!

I wonder if she actually sticks around. For example, Killing Eve. That first season was great. She adapted the books, then was showrunner the first season. Then she stepped down to work on other projects and Killing Eve started going off the rails.

We already have Tia Carrere’s Relic Hunter.

I guess this is on brand for her after Indiana Jones? I’m certainly more interested knowing she’s writing it.

What ever happened to Alicia Vikander’s second movie? I thought it was still happening?

This report just came out. Most of it is about the ho-hum news that WBD is about to lose their exclusive rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books and how Embracer Group will be shopping it around. Not all that exciting.


Buried in the report is this tidbit:

Embracer Group just sold their ‘Tomb Raider’ rights to Amazon for a deal that we can exclusively reveal as being approximately a 600 Million overall package making it Amazon’s second biggest purchase after purchasing the television rights for ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’.

Embracer paid about $300 million for it all when they bought it from Square-Enix.

Didn’t they just buy those rights? And they flipped it for 100% profit in like a year. Yeesh, Square-Enix needs to go back to business school.

At the very least, if they aren’t going to bring Bushido Blade back to consoles, at the very least they ought to pour outrageous amounts of money into a failed TV series.

Maybe it is amazon that needs to go back even more.

I know I’m glass half full kinda guy who likes to stir the pot sometimes, but this feels like a pivot away from Rings of Power, which seemed to critically flop. I think they’ll give that one more season, but if it’s as panned as before with worse viewership, Amazon might start shifting eggs into different baskets (like Tomb Raider).

Was Rings of Power a critical flop? I thought it was generally well-reviewed and it’s only us nerdy nerds that disliked it.

I haven’t heard a single person that likes it much (except here!) Going out vs new Game of Thrones, which should’ve flipped because it’s basically like a police procedural spin off like Mrs. Columbo or something, but that everyone still loved the familiar one by a large margin, really hurt. Head to head it seems like most potential audience preferred more GoT.

That seems like a bubble issue. 83 percent of critics on RT gave it a thumbs up.


I am curious, for TV reviews are the critic reviews of most shows on rotten tomatoes based on the first handful of episodes they release to review writers when a season launches?

From what I can recall, the opinion on Rings of Power soured quite quickly over the life of the season.

The first few episodes definitely had more of the mythological majesty that was the show’s biggest (perhaps only) strength.

But it also had a much larger audience than House of the Dragon, which is HBO’s biggest show. It doesn’t hurt that Amazon can advertise almost literally everywhere. Even on packages.

Yeah, it makes more sense that it’s total investment rather than just (a license of!) the rights, but I’m still struggling to see how Amazon makes money off this. The movies have never been big hits, and most probably lost money after marketing costs. The games do well but not well enough to generate much of a return on $600m. The entire sales revenue for all the reboot games combined would just about cover that layout, and that doesn’t account for the storefont cut.

The games were huge in the 90s, the PS1 era, and they’ve been riding that momentum ever since.

Is this lady going to be Lara? Or does she just love Tomb Raider so much she’s producing the series?

Is Indy’s god-daughter actually going to be Lara Croft?

I wonder if they see breakout hit potential, like with Reacher. That was a huge show for them with lots of water cooler talk from people who never read the books. A female star with the same kind of swagger in a similarly constructed action mystery would be awesome, and the fun exploratory location shooting wouldn’t hurt.

By similarly constructed, I mean you could take the same pace of discovery and a similar cast of allies and villains from Reacher and map them into an archeology adventure story.