Phoenix Point - new Julian Gollop turn-based strategy game

I can’t figure out how to equip my heavies with a handgun, since the handguns only appear in storage when I select a sniper.

toggle the class filter tab Inventory to show ‘all’

Thank you so much, it was driving me nuts.

This is really crazy the amount of additional content they put out. And to top it all off, I sponsored the game on whatever platform they used (Fig, maybe?) for $25 or so, and got all future DLC’s free. I just hope that at some point they stop so I can play the final complete game.

Steam tells me there’s 50% off the Year One Edition, so I am thinking of picking it up. I didn’t enjoy Chaos Reborn and so I came to this thread to read about this game. Looks like it started rough but is now widely accepted as something I would enjoy. Should I get Festering Skies DLC (no sale on this though) or just play Base Game to see if I will like it or not?

I would just play the base game first. Some of the DLC content is good, but it will be an overwhelming mess of objectives and mechanics if you’ve never played before.

Yeah ok. By the time, DLC will be on sale he he.

I picked up Year One. First time player. Any specific stuff I should disable?

My first recommendation would be to get a computer that supports the scroll up feature so you can read other people’s posts.



Savage reply by Tom , sogood.gif

DLC 1: Blood and Titanium- integrates very well and doesn’t overwhelm you, ok story beats and interesting tech.
DLC 2: Legacy of the Ancients - its ok, i rarely take the time on doing these missions as they can become time consuming
DLC 3: Festering Skies- Adds air combat and makes strategic layer much deeper, but makes surviving the global portion a real challenge. Id steer clear for your first play through

That was the post I was referring to.

Back at ya with the reading other people’s post advice, since reading past the first sentence reveals the shocking twist of “Some of”, hence the implication that “some of” the DLC was fine for first time players while “some of” it was not. “Some of” us were curious what that “some of” was within the DLC.

David2 gets it.

And any views re this question and DLC4? I haven’t been back into PP for ages and ages.

I’m on my first playthrough on console (XSX), and the game seems to be getting buggier as I go. I’ve just done the Antarctica mission, fo reference. I have no idea how far that is in, but it seems pretty far?

Anyway, the game seems to be getting glitchier and glitchier. I had no problems at all for a while. Then, when resolving some Exploration missions, it would double-press ‘A’, so I couldn’t really see how they resolve. Not a big deal, but annoying, and at first I thought it was my controller, but have since seen others report g the same issue.

Next, when exploring on the GeoScape, it wouldn’t actually acknowledge it- I’d get the timer circle, but then… nothing. So I’d fly off to a different one. Same. Saving and reloading the game makes them all pop at once, and if one was a scavenge mission, or a haven or story mission, if your plane has moved on, you have no one there to deploy. So as soon as it happens, save, exit to title, reload. And it’s happen g more and more often.

This last one has happened twice, both recently. Load into a mission, and… none of the buttons work. You can scroll around the map, rotate, etc, but no button presses work, including the Menu button. So this one requires hitting the big glowy X, going to desktop, killing the game and rebooting. Ugh.

How about “Living Weapons” and “Corrupted Horizons” ?

These sound like issues with controller support? I’ve been playing the PC version lately – strictly keyboard and mouse – and I haven’t seen any of this kind of stuff. On the contrary, the games seem more solid than ever on the PC.


The free DLCs?

Living weapons is just a few missions that give you more powerful weapons. Its worth it.

Corrupted Horizons adds corruption to the game, you normally acquire mutagens, which you can largely ignore ( unless you get the mutegen dog tech). Corruption makes it so the Mutagens become a key resource, your spending it all the time, to remove corruption from your squads. You also can spend 200 to make a mutagen solider.

Its difficult to grade this right now, because im playing with festering skies, and with ALL the expansions you feel like your in a desperate fight just to survive and manage the various needs. I will say this, it adds complexity to the base game! Sometimes it feels a little much with everything added, but without festering skies it probably adds a touch more to both global management, and tactical combat choices in the game (capturing aliens is largely how you get those mutagens).

I havent bothered buying/building mutagen soldiers mainly because by the time you have extra mutagen to make one (mid to late game), you already have 2 or 3 active squads fully trained up, so little incentive adding a new rookie to your army. The mutation class is interesting, but not as effective as the existing combos that already exist, imo (looking at the skill progression)


Im my game war has broken out between New Jericho and Synedrion!

Thanks guys, really not helping with me keeping the planet populated.

So after some 300 hours according to Steam, I finally finished a game of Phoenix Point., I used the first and last DLCs, but not the middle ones. I really like this game. The strategic layer is more in-depth than X-Com 2, and the tactical battles are very satisfying. On to something else!