Phoenix Point - new Julian Gollop turn-based strategy game


You had me at Julian Gollop. In.

Edit: I would have gladly played Laser Squad 2. Laser Squad was one of my favorite C-64 games.


Why haven’t we heard this X-Com story until now? Why are we getting the story from a kid on YouTube instead of hearing it from the mouths of the creators?

It’s not that I don’t necessarily believe all that’s being said there, but that video seems to be more about the presenter being told things instead of hearing from the people involved…


My favorite part:



Not a whole lot new to report. The game was funded and is close to the first stretch goal. I’m a little disappointed they aren’t running this campaign better, though – the updates are too infrequent and haven’t provided as much information as would be nice.


I don’t know about infrequent, I seem to be getting an email or two every week. Agreed they haven’t provided much in the way in useful information though, seems mainly to be about the graphic models. That said, I am fine with that, send me some emails when it’s going into beta.


There are 2 days left on this now. They just released some pre-alpha gameplay footage to IGN:

One of their associates (I think he’s a community manager? Unofficially, maybe?) was authorized to run through that same demo game live on Youtube just now.

Everything looks fine, I guess. The official video, unfortunately, explains very, very little – no mention of the fact that to-hit chances and variable damage aren’t in the game yet. The stream is more informative, for sure, when it goes up.

Here’s the campaign:

Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Early gameplay video I think… Not sure if it overlaps with that one above. Looks good to me…


Really like the damage modeling. First day purchase for me.


I know that the damage modeling and ballistics modeling and things are different, but at a glance, that looks like a reskin of the XCOM UI.


That was as much as I got on my skim through… and I’m fine with that. As long as it’s pretty ok content and xcomical mechanics, good enough for me.


I’m glad I kickstarted this or whatever it’s called.


This is gonna be good!


We figged it!


This looks amazing. Can’t wait.


Me too! I backed this thing as soon as it was announced. I’m just curious how that surface similarity affects people who don’t know anything about Julian Gollop and assume this is just an XCOM clone(oh the irony). Does it make them more or less likely to pick it up?


I figged it too. I started watching that video last night but then was like ‘What am I doing? You loved X-COM, you loved Chaos Reborn, you don’t need to watch this and spoil some of the surprise’ and closed it down. It looked great from what I saw and I can’t wait to see how all the mutation and faction mechanics come together. Really excited about it.

I don’t think this will be a problem because any coverage I’ve seen of Phoenix Point tags Gollop with the original X-COM somewhere in the dialogue, often right out of the gates.


Hahahahaha me too!


Backers build realease on April 30.


Glad they’re doing well.


Keeping myself in the dark on this but really excited. Xcomlike is an underserved genre, and who better to further it than its creator?