Phoenix Point - new Julian Gollop turn-based strategy game

All this discussion about aiming/not aiming sounds great, and it appears it’s handled in a reasonable way so I’m no longer worried about that!

There’s no deal on this right now, is there?

I assumed it would be at least $10 off for an Epic Thanksgiving sale. I’d love to pick it up, but my present strategy is to bundle in DLC cost, and I don’t think I can justify $70 for it.

Might be time to finally exert some discipline and play through that backlog.

I think it’s going to gamepass. Have you done the $1 for a month deal yet?

Yep, I’d also suggest getting it via gamepass now for a $1 or so, then pick up the complete version on Steam next year.

Okay, I have to figure out this Gamepass thing. I don’t have an Xbox, but there is a version you can get just for Windows, right?


You will need the BETA app from the windows store, and make sure you have the most recent version of Windows.

Just started watching this:

I like a lot of what I’m seeing here, but … I still don’t know about this free aiming stuff, and it seems to be a lot more required than I was hoping. I took a few notes for the first 15 minutes of the video, my thoughts on what I was seeing, but that’s as far as I got and now I have to take off so I’ll post what I can now.

Since movement is based on how many tiles you can traverse per action point based on a stat (speed, I think he said), you can actually move one tile at a time if you want, unlike XCOM where you have to dedicate where you move to (and that frequently makes me want to reload when I run a guy up and activate two pods at once).

Related - Units stop moving they spot an enemy - this is fantastic. I’m also finding I apprecaite that enemies don’t get a free “move to cover” action when spotted, not so far at least, and they don’t seem to be in “pods”.

Drawing lines to targets based on where your cursor is at is a great way to show where you can shoot and whom from which position without comitting to anything. XCOM 2 has this with the red (or yellow) cross hair cursors over the enemy names, but this seems much easier to see - I was frequently using a long tactical zoom out to get this information in XCOM 2.

Each shot is a simulated bullet.

Free Aim is the only way to take shots from when you are behind cover, at least in the instance in the tutorial (about 13 min in). I don’t really want to HAVE to use free-aim, this was on of my earlier concerns about the game. Ah well. Also, free aim seems required for certain types of enemies, such as those with shields.

All of this sounds positive. Thanks Scott.

All those improvements over XCOM sounds good

Based on the backer builds it is never required, but there are situations where you can actually target something by going into free aim and adjusting the shot to not hit obstacles. So I guess you could say that it’s a good idea if you want to think more tactically and improve your chances of hitting, including a decision on whether to disable, or try and get a lower chance headshot, or - my favourite - lining up two enemies in a row so you kill the first one and your remaining shots then hit the one behind it.

You activate it with a single click or button press, and from there can move and scroll, so it’s pretty seamless, and if you scroll back out it’ll revert to standard aim. I had it on my mouse wheel which I think is the default, and it never feels clunky. In fact I found it one of the more enjoyable aspects of the tactical combat.

From memory this partly came about because Julian was concerned about people’s response to Chaos Reborn with the percentage to hit, which often felt “unfair” if you missed a 90% shot. I mean that’s been part of X-Com from the start, but those early games also physically traced the bullet from gun to enemy (often with hilarious results), so this seems like a neat solution to having percentage chances to hit that are not so abstract.

Oh, I got my key for Epic, and I’ve activated it, but sadly there’s no preload, and even more sadly I’m heading out of internet range for 3 weeks approximately 6 hours before they unlock it. NOOO!!! Well, I may possibly get a brief window in New Zealand if I can find a coffee shop with wifi. :)

I got mine too. It unlocks like 40 things.

Well, in the video if you wanted to be behind full cover you had to free aim to make your soldier pop out of cover to shoot. That’s what the tool-tip said anyway?

Yeah, it really looks slick. I’m not opposed to it mechanically, I just sort of wish it was more automated/simulated, at least from what little gameplay I’ve seen. Maybe playing the game I’ll change my tune.

I do hope there is an option to keep the camera up in isometric view during attacks? I just think games like this look better from a “board game” perspective. Free Aim makes this point driven home a little harder, as zooming in on 3D models, even nice looking ones, is never a great idea.

The video / tutorial doesn’t make it very clear. With the first kill, the soldier is behind full cover and selecting fire causes him to step out and take a standard shot. There’s no option for an aimed shot, but I think that’s just the tutorial removing that option for this particular example. In the second shot that you illustrate, it’s not really super clear to me why you can’t take a standard shot but you can take a free shot - I think, based on what I’ve played and what he says, that’s because a standard shot would aim through the masonry of the broken wall, whereas the aimed shot allows you to adjust the standard shot from the center of mass to somewhere that’s visible.

Still, I think you’ll find it’s clearer when you play it, where you can experiment with the limits of the system. I did find it quite slick and intuitive, and ended up using free aim just about all the time regardless of shot difficulty.

As for using isometric view, I’m not sure about that. I may have read a similar question on the PP forums, or I may be confusing it with some other game! So, not sure.

I think some people agonizing over having to aim all the shoots are missing the point. The point I refer is that surely after a few hours of gameplay, the player will get accustomed to it and even be super proficient with it, he will aim and fire to the fleshy part in an almost autonomous reflex-kind of way. It’s just point and click. The UI seems to be well designed and the action will flow well, you will lose less than 1 second doing it.

No preload key for me yet, hopefully I get it before December 3rd.

Edit: Dagnabbit, it was in my junk mail folder.

Edit2: thinking about this more, I actually paid $20 to get the full game plus all future DLC. Game itself more than originally promised. Very happy with this and the deal with epic, so jog on all you naysayers! :p

‘Sorry, you do not have a prerequisite to fulfill the redemption code.’
Anyone else have trouble putting in their code?

Are you trying to redeem the Season Pass key (assuming you’ve received it already; I haven’t) before the base game key?

There’s still no firm date for the PC gamepass version? It doesn’t show up at all in the Xbox app yet.

In my case I only received one key, and it unlocked the following mess:

Phoenix Point Pre-Purchase
Phoenix Point Content (marked as 5 DLCs)
Phoenix Point Blood and Titanium
Phoenix Point Festering Skies
Phoenix Point Legacy of the Ancients
Phoenix Point DLC 4
Phoenix Point DLC 5


I see the Epic store is still a clunky mess. I’m not sure why it runs at 5 frames per second, but it’s painful to use.

I am trying to use my promo code for the Season Pass but there is no pre-order button allowing me to place the promo code. Has anyone else used their code successfully?