Phoenix Point - new Julian Gollop turn-based strategy game

Excellent. Thanks, folks!

Just watched the in-mission portion of this new (final code as releasing tomorrow) play through (linked below). Have some worries:

  1. The player was playing maximum difficulty on the first mission and was hit only once and without any deaths. Seems, again, kind of easy to me, but we’ll have to wait and see
  2. The player setup overwatch repeatedly and it appeared that the characters barely ever took the shot opportunities. When line of sight was checked it looked like there should have been good opportunity. Might buy it if the game gave some explanation

Not much more to say yet since we have no idea how things develop.


I’ve learned that the PC GamePass release of this is ‘December’, which I hope means it takes a week or two then fixes all the stuff that annoys you guys tomorrow :)

You wouldn’t want to wipe on the very first mission, even on Legendary. The game wouldn’t even be winnable then?

The problem here, at least I think, is one of line of sight. It might look like the character had a line of sight from the birds eye, but man, it looks like any old debris can actually be in your way and prevent you from taking a shot. I worry this may be problematic, myself.


Then this should be modeled in the view. Blocking debris as, say, a shadow. An occlusion.

But have you played “Terror from the Deep” ?! I remember it being a real possibility in that version. Admittedly Mcroprose had probably jacked the difficulty TOO high by then in response to the original’s revert to beginner difficulty bug.


I don’t think many gamers today want Terror From the Deep level of difficulty, even when they choose Legendary. I also think it’s a little premature to say Legendary might not be challenging enough after just the first battle, though, as well. :)

Considering the recent talk in the MW5 thread and here, I am closer to purchasing this.

Shudder. TFTD was…wicked. Just plain wicked.

Ok pre install is STILL NOT available! Grrrrr! I stirred in my sleep and woke myself up thinking about oh i should get the pre-install going for after work…and…nothing.

Most of these stores release games at some arbitrary time, GMT or something.

11am PT / 7pm GMT Epic Store release time.

Well I’ll see what the hive mind is saying this afternoon, then! Though I’m unlikely to jump on this right now as I just got the XCOM 2 bundle on sale to fiddle with. Probably won’t need another alien blasting fix right away.

God I loved it. Port terror missions, underwater hyjinx, and those god . . . damned . . . ship terror missions. Opening every cabin door, ready for action. And the aliens! So alien. Even more alien than the original. I loved seeing some huge underwater monstrosity in the deep, hidden in the shadows.

Yeah - it was great. It was also horribly difficult. But it oozed atmosphere and danger, even more so than the original. The Crabmen were the worst.

Any idea if/when this releases on Game Pass? I was looking around for it last night and saw nothing on the site, but perhaps there is a one-year wait until Epic exclusivity runs out?

The closest I could find is some very old information saying it would be available on Game Pass “in December.” I sort of make the assumption it will be simultaneous with the Epic release, given the Epic release is also stated as “in December.”

See this page - - under the caption " Which platforms will Phoenix Point be distributed on?"

See, also, this - - " Microsoft Game Pass. Phoenix Point will also be available to play on Microsoft Game Pass on Windows 10 for those with the appropriate subscription. We are aiming for this release to happen simultaneously with the Epic Games Store release, but the exact timing depends on certification with Microsoft and is therefore out of our control."

That’s not incredibly inspiring, I know.

The Crabmen are some of my all-time favorites. I still shudder to think of them.

Installing now!

15.1 GB download.