Phoenix Point - new Julian Gollop turn-based strategy game

This guy didn’t think it was different enough from the Firaxis XCOM, near as I can tell. 3/5.

Tom is going at it

Ohhh! That’s cool. Maybe I can sneak away from the salt mines for a bit to check it out.

I have only played past the tutorial and the first mission, and i only have one tip so far: install this on an SSD drive.

For some reason I wrongly thought this was coming to PC GamePass. Forgot it’s Epic exclusive.

It’s coming to GamePass.

It is coming, but they didn’t get the build to MS until late so it has a few days to go through cert process.

Oh i was hoping they resolved the long initial loading times from the beta.

None of the reviews I’ve read address my biggest gripe with XCOM where it can take you several hours to realise you’ve lost the game because you fell behind the power curve a dozen missions ago.

For those of you that have the game? Is this a must-buy based on your maybe brief time with it?

But that’s the harsh reality of alien invasion.

I’m bummed this is a few months from XBOX release.

ACG liked it but said it’s a bit rough around the edges, so his advice was to wait for a sale

I don’t have it yet, but Tom’s livestream sealed the deal for me.

To be honest, this might be good enough for me!

My cop[y is also downloading now. However it is 2200 here, no way am I playing tonight.

Honestly, I never had that in my games, or at least very rarely. 1st firaxis Xcom, took me a few tries before realising satellite spam was the way forward.

I either quit long before that (usually in rage at the 99% shot missing hahah) or I powered through and won.

I havent played the release version yet, the beta had bugs, very annoying bugs, but I was glad to play it beta (which is rare) and had my GF install it this morning when it went live, since I was at work and could then play it at home. So excited after already playing 20 hours of beta? yes!

I just discovered battle brothers, which I love and restarted a new group after buying the expansions on black friday sale…and putting it down to play PP! So, yes very excited.


I like the little detail that when you recruit someone they start with their factions gear.

I just reinstalled XCOM 2 to scratch the itch that developed while reading this thread. That should tide me over until a sale and/or it comes to Steam.