Phoenix Point - new Julian Gollop turn-based strategy game

ACG liked it but said it’s a bit rough around the edges, so his advice was to wait for a sale

I don’t have it yet, but Tom’s livestream sealed the deal for me.

To be honest, this might be good enough for me!

My cop[y is also downloading now. However it is 2200 here, no way am I playing tonight.

Honestly, I never had that in my games, or at least very rarely. 1st firaxis Xcom, took me a few tries before realising satellite spam was the way forward.

I either quit long before that (usually in rage at the 99% shot missing hahah) or I powered through and won.

I havent played the release version yet, the beta had bugs, very annoying bugs, but I was glad to play it beta (which is rare) and had my GF install it this morning when it went live, since I was at work and could then play it at home. So excited after already playing 20 hours of beta? yes!

I just discovered battle brothers, which I love and restarted a new group after buying the expansions on black friday sale…and putting it down to play PP! So, yes very excited.


I like the little detail that when you recruit someone they start with their factions gear.

I just reinstalled XCOM 2 to scratch the itch that developed while reading this thread. That should tide me over until a sale and/or it comes to Steam.

FYI - Epic Games Store is just fine. Furthermore, since I know you’re quite budget conscious, I feel bad if you’ve been passing up all the free game titles. I’ve gotten a lot of fantastic games for free. If you don’t have Jotun, that’s free come December 5th.

Back to Phoenix Point. About to start my first game. Giddy up!

Ok, so this might seem like a minor quibble, but are you kidding me I can’t adjust mouse sensitivity in game?

Click on interface, then deselect controller it inexplicably (at least to me) defaults to clicked on, look around for mouse settings and find none, then also notice keyboard bindings tab shows them but won’t let you remap them.

A lot of the reviews are implying to wait because it’s still kind of rough and we know there is going to be 5 DLCs in a year. Waiting seems to be the smart move for most. Especially if you have no interest in Epic.

We are poor today. So the game will wait. Actually Secret Santa comes first.


1.) Are there any timed missions or escort missions in the game?
2.) Can difficulty be dialed down to very easy?

I am looking for “nope and yes” as answers :)

So far, nope and yes.

Just played through the tutorial sequence. It reminds me of a game from '98 with modern conveniences so far. (I mean that as a compliment) About to start a real game.

It actually reminds me of XCOM Apocalypse. That is a compliment.

I have had a problem with moving and no AP left. Where does one see how many AP it is using to move so I can set up an overwatch or fire? I am probably just blind.

Also I keep accidentally moving by hitting the right mouse key - I had thought we only moved when click on the left mouse key. Only played a few minutes so far. There was one tall box/resource (not a crate). The badun shot at it but when I moved next to it I did not get any options like when one moves next to a crate. Not sure if we have to simply finish the mission before the mutants destroy it or actually do something to collect the resources (seems like it is auto collected when the mission ends).

Yeah, good comp. It’s like XCOM: Apocalypse as I wish it had been. I liked the game back then okay, but I like the choices in this one more (so far).

Indeed, the brainsuckers, the cult of sirius, the blue police guys. Guess Gollop finally got the money to make the Apocalypse he wanted.