Phoenix Point - new Julian Gollop turn-based strategy game

I’m happy to start over from what I feel is my doomed first attempt but there hasn’t been any real fail state yet. It seems like I have to wait for ages for the entire earth to be subsumed while I scrabble to recruit a few low level redshirts then watch them die on their first mission. A nice ‘You’ll never recover - game over’ screen would give me some sense of closure and I could start the next attempt happy. Now I feel obliged to hang in there… but that’s no fun so I put the game down :/

Edit! I forgot you can speed up time, so I was able to run out the clock and there didn’t seem to be any events to spoil. So on to attempt 2 shortly :) Unless AOW is the next planet that requires a firm yet loving hand…

I have found this to be true.

They’re dead. They’re all dead :(

Attempt two comes to a desperate end. You guys are going to have to get used to the tender squelch of tentacle. Sorry.

I managed to take down a lair and a citadel this time but I need to up my diplomacy game.


I’ve run out of plot :/

I’ve researched everything I was supposed to research, been everywhere… I did skip one Symes mission as I found where to go from the first one… but otherwise everything’s done, the ODI is at 92% and I don’t know what to do now :/

Blech. The clock ran down and I never found out what I was supposed to be doing next. I think that was attempt 4.

I’ll be putting this down now. I’m not convinced the strategy layer adds up to anything, and the tactical side is repetitive, given there seems to be one obvious approach there. It’s due for patching alongside the first DLC but I don’t know if I’ll bother. When the optimal strategy of your alien-fighting game appears to be to avoid fighting aliens, I don’t think that’s ideal.

  • Blood and Titanium DLC releases in 1 week (March 4), along with update for base game
  • DLC and update each contain a new sub-faction
  • Various shortcomings of the game are addressed by the dev in the video

This is really a game I will wait until it’s on Steam, when all dlcs are released and it’s all properly updated.

I did not do that, and I kind of wish I had.

I couldnt wait…and mostly glad of it. :)

I cant wait to play it again when the expansion lands on the 4th :)

I see leveling up now just gets you 20 pts to spend, but you also get 10 per mission. Alien evolution is more time based and less based on the number of missions done too.

Edit: As of tomorrow anyway :)

Ahhh, so impatient to start a new game :)

Am I the only one that finds the new stuff too fiddly?

Im very much looking forward to the bionics! I have a feeling I’m going to be making my people all bionic. I like the addition of the two new factions. The rest of the play changes…Im not sure about till i try it

I feel like the unpatched version was amazing finding all those overpowered combos. I kept discovering new ones till the end of the game. I will always have fond memories of that, and try to look at this new play through as a reboot lol

Oh, wow, that’s out tomorrow! Sweet!

I’ve been holding out for when they make stealth more viable, but I guess this DLC will do instead.


Right there with you Tom! :)

In fact, I was so itchy to play it (while at work), i passed by the reddit for the game, and glad i did. Saw this notice

"The Blood and Titanium DLC contains some narrative missions for The Pure subfaction. These missions give certain technologies as a reward, which are required to complete The Pure story arc. These missions are time-sensitive once they appear on the Geoscape, and should be responded to ASAP.

If these missions are missed, don’t worry - it is still possible to obtain the required tech in other ways (such as through stealing and reverse engineering).

We will be releasing a hotfix next week to provide a timer for the player to see how long is remaining to complete the missions."

Played a few hours tonight, enjoying, and feels the same (but faster load times and less glitches) so far, Have to go to bed sadly, old and have to get up early :)

Ok there are still a few OP combos left lol. I’ve got rally the troops on 4 of my guys and it turns a few of my guys into near endless turns. Add Dash and a few rapid clearance and you can finish a map in a single turn.

The techs have been buffed with a endless heal power (cost 2 ap) so more utility now. Rage burst with the above means you can still kill a boss in a single turn.

Loving it just as much as before, despite the nerfs, mainly because i’ve found all new OPs to play with, a few other possible OPs, trying to figure out if they are viable.

Played most of the way through on the new version. It’s better - a more reasonable curve with fewer spikes, but many significant issues remain. The mortar enemies still ruin the game and the UI is still both badly designed and buggy.