Phoenix Point - new Julian Gollop turn-based strategy game

I missed this, oh man do i have to restart? Bleh. Still this is great that I’m not going to have to endure that last mission with no save

You can adjust it any time. Load a save and then adjust it then go into tactical.

Yes you can :slight_smile:
When you start a new game it’s one of the expanded options. But it’s locked out after you begin the campaign. There’s quite a few options that get set when you start that aren’t available later.

@jpinard, take a look at the three posts above yours. : )

I’m blind I tell ya! LOL

Ok just finished Terror from the Void and it was an excellent update to an old favorite. The game feels much more natural in its progression without overwhelming the player. The new abilities feel more balanced. The end was tweaked to make the combat feel far different without endless reswans. In short the only way ill play the game going forward. Love it!

Ya know, I need to pick this back up, again. I loved it but got absolutely crushed and moved on, lol. Maybe playing with a lower difficulty is the way to go for me.

I don’t seem to be able to make any headway. It feel like the game is very stingy with new equipment and upgrades. I barely got a second base going and research and manufacturing are moving at a snail’s pace. The only progress made is with unit level-ups, but that isn’t enough to counter stronger enemies which keep showing up. I feel like I’m playing this very badly.

Looks like the addition of the three DLCs on Steam makes this the Complete Edition, right, and then I could play this mod (at some point)? 34% bundle discount on Steam, BTW.

I was going to add a screenshot from the product page on Steam, but I get an error uploading the .png for some reason.

There are 5 total DLC’s. Some may be included in whatever version you bought with the main game.

(these may be included, Blood and Titanium is just visuals)
Legacy of the Ancients
Blood and Titanium
Living Weapons

Content DLCs
Festering Skies
Corrupted Horizons
Kaos Engines

If you are only going to play once and have all the DLC’s use the mod. Unlike other games the DLC’s themselves are not a consistent add-on experience but rather like a mode enable with wildly different difficulty spikes. With the mod it integrates them all, evens out the difficulty as a whole package and incorporates the story as if they are all enabled at once.

The Content DLCs are the ones that show up for me as “things yet to buy” on the store page. The little blue bar appears next to the other things you mentioned plus something called “Digital extras” so I guess they came with the version I bought.

Bought the game, complete edition, on Steam. I’ve played it twice on Game Pass which I subscribe to off on and on, but never had the expansions yet.

Fired it up with all expansions enabled - seems like quite a bit to tinker with here! Weird weapons, aircraft armaments and cheesy air-to-air combat, new vehicles, more new weapons, some new enemies?

It seems a bit much and I’m not sure if all this content will be manageable to the end. Any advice? Should I restart with just one or two enabled?

Overall I love this game, it has a real personality, art style, and some actual tactics but not too much for me, some obscure abilities and goofiness.

I did a breakdown of the DLC checks date…about a year ago.

There’s a rebalancing mod that integrates all of the stuff a bit smoother with an improved narrative, if that’s your thing, but personally, I’d try vanilla with some of the options of your choice first. With everything enabled, it’s a bit overwhelming.

Agreed. I know people love their rebalancing mods, but if you’re just starting out in Phoenix Point, you should trust Julian Gollop. : ) You’re in good hands.

I was in the same boat; I ended up playing through the game once with everything but Festering Skies enabled. That was just the right level of complexity for me.

1.) Don’t be surprised if all the vehicles you find/get access to are worse than one you get in the first 2 weeks.

2.) Avoid Legacy of the Ancients missions until the midgame at least Or until you want the best weapons in the game and don’t want to look at any others you work to unlock from factions or progress the game.

I thought about writing something like zenblack did, but yeah, the tech tree in this game is weeeeeeeeeeird. Rather than having significant upgrade tiers like in X-Com (rifles->lasers->plasma), where each tier is a large and enjoyable boost on the power curve, instead you have ~100 technologies that are mostly downgrades, sidegrades, or very minor buffs (+5% accuracy, +10% damage for like an endgame weapon). And then you have the Ancient’s weapons which are just massively better than everything else in the game. So there’s really like one equipment upgrade in the game (getting the appropriate Ancient’s weapon for each class), and most of the tech tree is just a distraction from that. It seems like such an odd design choice, especially coming from Gollop of all people.

I recently did this too. I have chosen to play from the beginning with the Terror from the Void mega mod applied. I read that this does a lot to improve the delivery and pacing of the DLC, especially the additional mechanics and threats. It does a lot of other stuff too including making the classes more distinct and different from one another.

Ok I’m sold, will restart with Terror from the Void. Part of the reason I posted is that an hour into the game and I’ve triggered all four DLC storylines; too much to do with base level characters. If TFTV spaces out the game better it should be a better way to play the DLC. Good timing too, v1.0 just landed a month ago.

Yeah there aren’t big weapon tiers, and finding minor faction weapons that aren’t good is a bit of a lost opportunity. But the other weapons and their buffs add up to make it interesting to me, e.g. range, shred, piercing, acid, faction weapons. If I recall correctly, there is a perk that makes each pellet of a shotgun acidic? Kind of cool, though some of those perks don’t seem to actually pivot the strategy.

Those aren’t storylines in the sense that there are things you have to do; they’re options you can explore, intended to be waiting there until you’re ready to mess with them.

Think of it as an open-world game, where you can head off in any direction. That should be the good kind of overwhelming, and it’s an important element of Phoenix Point that won’t go away! Feeling discouraged and turning to a mod to narrow your choices, while presumably in pursuit of some mythical rebalancing – you should be very skeptical of anyone making grandiose claims about the balance in a game like this – seems to me like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

I have no stake in how you play the game, and I can completely understand someone who’s played the campaign through a few times might want to mix things up. But to a new player, I would again suggest you trust Julian Gollop over some team of modders and power users. : )

And just to counterbalance some of the enthusiasm about that Terror from the Void mod, I’ve been playing the Phoenix Point campaign throughout Snapshot Games’ long and very iterative process. I’ve seen how the campaign has changed, morphed, evolved, and ultimately been considerably improved. I am absolutely delighted with the current state of it, with its openness, with its emphasis on freedom and player agency in surprising ways. It’s a smart and cannily paced kaleidoscope of unexpected upgrades, thrilling new toys, and subtly changing gameplay mechanics, all told through various carefully engineered tactical challenges (show me a comment about “endless respawns”, and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t appreciate the design that goes into the different mission types!). The Phoenix Point campaign is a fantastic and incredibly thoughtful design that any X-com fan should experience at least once, and that I’d absolutely recommend anyone play before giving up on Gollop’s intended vision and resorting to a modded version. I’ve played it multiple times and I don’t feel I’m anywhere near exhausting its potential, and certainly not enough to turn to some third party’s remix to supposedly keep it fresh.

So, there’s my two cents offered as a counterpoint. Whatever you decide, I hope you’ll keep posting! I’d love to hear how it’s going for you.