Photo scanning software

Can anyone recommend software to scan lots of photos with? I have potentially hundreds of family photos, many of them with hand-written annotations. I am using XnView right now and it is kind of slow and clunky for this task. Thanks.

I did this before and it was pretty painful. Eventually, I sent them off to a service that scanned them all for me. It was cheap and the quality was better. This might not be the suggestion you want, but I thought I’d put it out there.

How many photos did they scan? How much did it cost? The annotations are not in English so I’d need to find some other way to compile them afterward. (Or just scan the actual text too.)

This was 5-7 yrs ago but I think they scanned 1500 photos or something. It was something like $0.08/photo or something back then. I believe there’s an option to scan both sides. I’m not sure about captions.

Was it a local company or did you ship them out of state?

I shipped them out in a box and they returned them when they were done, along with DVDs of the scans. Maybe a thumb drive, too? I can’t remember all of the details.

Wow I have been looking at local companies and they’re $0.59 to $0.99 per photo. Which company did you use?

I used Scancafe a long time ago to do the same thing. I sent them a random box of tons of old family photos and they both put them online and sent me a DVD with the digital copies, along with the originals. It was pretty painless.

Their rates are much better, thanks.

Anyway, let’s say I do want to scan some or all of them myself, how do you keep the photos lined up squarely when scanning more than one photo at a time? On my scanner, I can’t simply push the photos to the edges or corners of the glass, since the scanner doesn’t scan the complete area. It cuts off the sides of 3 out of 4 photos. (This is a stupid oversight on the part of the scanner manufacturer IMO.)

You can use very gentle adhesive on the backs and attach them to paper.

I also recommend sending them out to one of the reputable scan services, though.