Photos of sperm whale eatin' giant squid chunk

Nom Nom Nom

I want to airbrush that scene on the side of my van.

i like this picture

Wow. That is almost contextual.

If this had degenerated into a snarky back and forth or a pointless digression, it would have been contextual in more ways than one!

Dude, I was just about to post that picture, because it colored my expectations of what it would look like to see a sperm whale eating a giant squid. Instead, it just looked like a whale eating something that wasn’t even fighting back. BORING!


Tom, like me you let your imagination take over when you read the title and thought “Whale vs Giant Squid Battle!!” He only promised it was a whale eating a chunk of squid. I suspect Mr. Jars would be excellent in the field of marketing. I’ve been duped.

Did anyone else have the irrational fear that “chunk” was an euphemism of some sort?

Sorry for this…

This picture is ridiculous, the T-Rex doesn’t even have a way to get out to sea! Where’s his jetpack?

T-Rex don’t need no reason!