Photoshop Help

I have a little personal project and I need someone who understands photoshop. Should be easy, and all I need is someone to do it or someone to tell me how to do it.

Ok, look, I want to turn a picture of my baby green. Yeah, I want to turn Henry into the Hulk and my wife won’t let me use green paint. Ok? Sheesh, thanks for the 3rd degree.

Paging Mr. Wong, paging Mr. Wong.

Is Sparky in the hooowwwse??


there should be some palette settings… select the baby as a separate layer, then drop the Blue and Red down to low levels on the baby layer.

i would give you exact directions, but i dont have photoshop with me atm.

Alternatively, liberally coat Henry’s food with Green Food Coloring for several weeks and hope his skin turns green.

What you want to do is to change the color of your kids skin and hair without disturbing anything else. You can do this with the paint tool. But instead of laying down a thick swath of solid green, you modify the tool so that it only changes color information (note, this is also the same way you get rid of red-eye in a photo)

  1. Select either the airbrush or the paintbrush
  2. Windows > Show Color (skip if its already open)
  3. Select a nice green hue.
  4. Window > Show Options (skip if already open)
  5. In the options window, Select “Color” from the listbox.
  6. Set Opacity to 50% (so you can have varying degrees of greenness
  7. Windows > Show Brushes
  8. Select a round brush size thats going to let you paint within the boundaries of your kid’s face without trouble.
  9. Paint away to change only the color of his skin, preserving everything else.
    Note: don’t worry about going over the black parts, but be sure not to paint over the whites of his eyes, or teeth.
    Note2: to fix red eye, choose black instead of green to paint the red pupils back to black.

Now you’re going to darken the hair:

  1. go back to the color window, and select black
  2. go to the options window, and select luminosity
  3. reduce opacity to about 30%
  4. select a smaller brush size
  5. now darken the eyebrows, hair, and lips.

If you try to darken his skin, he’ll look like a zombie out of Michael Jackson’s thriller.

Ooh, I’ve been terribly incommunicado-da-vida lately. Send me the pic and I’ll do it for ya, Bub.

Hopefully Henry isn’t busting out of a purple diaper…