Phua soon hock

My wife got an email from corporate today telling everyone to check their Facebook accounts.

“Go to settings, then click on privacy settings, then click on block users, then in the person box type “automation log”…”

Cutting to the chase, she did this and phua soon hock popped up, with a nice picture of his fat face…Mine was okay, no one showed up…checked my daughters account, and there was Mr. hock again, in all of his fatty glory.

According to the rest of the email, people that show up in “automation log” have had access to their accounts and (if they wished too I guess) could be spying on them, doing something nefarious, I don’t know.

Anyone heard of this?


Snopes has.

Glad I posted this here before going all crazy on mr hock.

Admins, feel free to delete this thread.

I’m pretty sure I killed that guy a few klicks north of Da Nang in August '69.

Aitomation logs are the new cloning vats.