Physics Processing Chip

So… what’s next? the AIPU?

I’m hoping this get integrated on the motherboard sometime soon… I don’t think I can handle another add in card. Either way it’s pretty interesting.

It had better be compelling if I need to install another card…

PPU, that’s weak. They need to find a way to make it into a PP-PU-CA-CA-LOL.

It’s called PhysX, that’s, like, so rad.

There’s been some hysterical speculation that one of these chips is in the Xbox 2, but that seems pretty silly. If anything, an addin board like this is needed in the PC space to keep up with the physics calcualtion that will be possible on the Cell’s band of SPUs and the XB2’s rumored 3 dual core PPCs.

It’s kinda a cool idea. I’ve wondered about the possibility of a dedicated physics/AI addon card for years. But I think multicore/SMT CPUs and more flexible GPU architectures are the wave of the future.

Don’t believe the hype.


I was poking around on Dell’s website yesterday. You can already get the Ageia PhysX card bundled with your new Dell XPS. Cost is $250.