Picard Season 2 Teaser

Just a warning: if you want to go into season 2 totally blind, you probably don’t want to watch this teaser because it’s got what I imagine would be considered a pretty big spoiler. On the other hand, how you’re going to make it to launch day without finding out this particular spoiler is beyond me.

Well that’s a thing.

Wow a teaser for a TV show coming in more than 8 months…I wonder why they made that.

MUCH HYPE , I enjoyed season 1, even if it was really uneven.

I can’t even see it. There is probably a region lock on that video… :(

SUPER SPOILERS, don’t watch, unless you want to. :P

I watched the teaser, so I’m spoiled now I guess. (Like you said, I have no idea how to avoid that particular spoiler. People who want to do so should definitely leave this thread, for one thing).

Anyway, I guess this is the excuse I need to finally rewatch some more Voyager.

Now I’m excited.

Someone always reuploads it. STAR TREK: PICARD "The Trial" Season Two Teaser Trailer (2022) - YouTube