Picard show confirmed



First episode, he wakes up and realizes he’s still on the “memory implant” probe planet. He’s been there the entire time, and instead of the memory being fake, it’s actually a time travel probe and he’s really on that planet, far in the past. The rest of the time from when he “got back” to the Enterprise is all the fake memory. He plays his flute and we get a nice series about the trials and tribulations of living in a small alien town.


Maybe Producer Alex Kurtzman can rope in Rian Johnson to write the script for this!

I can just see dishevelled Picard drinking green milk and throwing the flute over his shoulder down a cliff.


It would be nice if CBS put Star Trek shows on its actual network.

I’m not paying extra for this one either…


I don’t care. I need my Trek.


Yeah, I watched the first season of Discovery in the free trial period. Future seasons of that show and the Picard show on CBS All Access will be great. A month with commercials is $8, and commercial free is $10. A very reasonable price to watch a season of Star Trek.



Sadly, I can’t understand what he’s saying.


He is British. ;)


I meant because of the terrible audio in that video. :)

Btw, what is the farthest in the timeline that we’ve seen the Federation in Star Trek?

The first 3 Next Gen movies took place during the run of Deep Space Nine. Worf was on the Defiant in the horrible First Contact movie, and then Insurrection mentioned the Dominion War. But then Voyager ended two years after Deep Space Nine, so the last episode in which they make it home took place 2 years after the end of the Dominion war. But then, I think Star Trek: Nemesis and the fight against the Romulan faction took place even after that. But then Star Trek 2009 has Spock fighting Romulans when he goes back in time, right? So maybe that’s the furthest along in the timeline that we know about. Is the Federation still at war with the Romulans? Or maybe just Romulan factions?


The events of Nemesis took place in 2379.

Spock went back in time in 2387 , the year Romulus is destroyed.

So my guess is we will have the new Picard show at the start of the 25th century. (2401-ish)

The scary part of that for me, was I didn’t have to google it. #uselessTREKknowledge


I’m curious, what do you pay for cable?

I’m at around $200 per month for about 250 channels. Another $10 for one show seems crazy.


No cable. I try never to have more than one streaming service going at the same time. So one month, Netflix ($10), another Hulu($12), another SlingTV($20) for ESPN when a tennis tournament is on. This summer, for the World Cup and Wimbledon, I got Hulu with the cable package and HBO ($45) for one month. During that month, I caught up on a lot of TV shows from ABC, NBC, FOX, and HBO, and got to watch the World Cup and Wimbledon, as well as a lot of movies on HBO.

Now that my free week of CBS is up, I’m getting ready to subscribe to a month of Netflix again, to catch up on shows and movies that are on that service. In late August I’ll get SlingTV again so I can watch the U.S. Open. Then back to either Netflix or Hulu in October and November.

You’re talking about $200 a month, I’ll probably spend about $140 for the whole year on all these combined.


Good if you can binge watch and are more tech savvy than I am.

My limit is one Expanse episode a day with my new Firestick.

And I can’t keep the audio from sucking…

But I could not deal with not having network football every weekend.


Holy Shit, one of the executive producers is Michael Chabon???


Oh, it was in the original announcement.


I noticed that too recently. That is really interesting, Chabon knows his stuff.


Good news, everybody!

Oh good, they got Akiva Goldsman!





It’s a Matlock for the next generation!


If it is, cool. I’m not getting any younger either. :)