Picard show confirmed


I kinda think, maybe this is true. If it is of the same “quality” as STD, I will opt out of Sir Patrick’s latest. Sorry, Sir Patrick!


“Picard’s life was radically altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire,” Kurtzman tells THR .

The Picard series will be the first onscreen Trek story set in the aftermath of that event, which would have altered the balance of power in the galaxy. The destruction of Romulus would also have extra resonance for Picard, who has a long and complicated relationship with the Romulans, the alien race that split from Vulcan society thousands of years ago and founded a separate civilization. The Romulans went on to control a portion of the galaxy, and the empire was in opposition to the Federation for all of Picard’s career.


So there’s Discovery.
The Picard series.
An animated series.

And now…


So we go from 10-12 years of no Star Trek on TV, to having 4 shows now.



Might as well change the name to Star Trek: All Access.


LOL I’d have probably already subscribed if they did.


OK, but we knew this in November?


Wait… what? Tom Hardy was the Picard clone in Nemesis?! I totally did not know that!


I want a series based on the life of Garak.


Concur. That I’d watch.


There was at least a novel, wasn’t there?


Who has time to read a novel? That time is better used to play Civilization 2: Midgard!


Hahahah here it is


Written by Andrew J. Robinson. Hmm. Any relation to the actor Andrew Robinson, who played Garak?


Same person!


I still think of Andrew Robinson mainly as the psycho killer from Dirty Harry.


Jonathan Frakes mentions that Picard is no longer a Starfleet captain at the time of this new show.


He’s a Starfleet Consultant!


I just want Worf, on a ship, shooting crap, and then getting beat up. Is that too much to ask.


I think between TNG, DS9 and several movies Worf has had plenty of screen time. I’d like to see someone new in the role of belligerent warrior. Maybe a Gorn, that would be pretty cool.