Picard show confirmed


Yeah, screw that, I want either Captain Nog, or Garak as the new leader of what’s left of the Cardassian union.



Oh god. I had forgotten about the ferengi.


He has a name you racist.


He probably does, but he’ll always be one of them to me.


You son of a bitch.


His name is Dumbo. Please use it.


I think the correct term would actually be “specist”.

And the Ferengi are far from being the least liked species out there.


Damn right.


But their lobes haven’t forgotten you. ;)

So we really are getting a Picard show about making wine, aren’t we!



Well apparently it involves the Romulans as well, so maybe it will end up being a kind of intergalactic brew-off between Picard’s wines and their Romulan ales. It’ll be a boozy adventure!


The Picard Family winery episode was the lowest ratings episode of TNG. It was also the first episode of Star Trek not to have a scene on the bridge.

Paramount told them, “Ok, never again.”


Sadly the starter cultures for all Romulan ales have been lost due to the untimely destruction of their entire planet, which had an unbreakable appellation d’origine contrôlée for their production, effectively locking out the far-flung colonies.

No, this is a show about Picard helping kickstart the Romulan microbrewery movement amidst the shattered remnants of their Republic!


Romulus has not been destroyed in Picard’s timeline AFAIK. Other than that, your pitch is intriguing. ;)


IIRC, the Kelvin Timeline branches off from the Prime when a post-DS-9 Spock from the prime timeline tries and fails to prevent the destruction of Romulus and gets rocketed back in time with Eric Bana and his crew of murderous miners. I forget how far off that was from TNG’s timeline, vs. the skip-forward of 20 years they’re implementing for the Picard show, but I think it’s around the right timespan.


It was destroyed in his timeline, I read, and apparently the consequences will favor heavily in the show.


I detect a retcon! ;)


Retcon? It make sense that the original timeline would continue after Romulus. The timeline split when Nero’s ship went back and ran into the Kelvin.


Pfft, beer. Picard is clearly a wine guy…


Ah, but you see, the PR says that he’s changed a lot! You remember him as a captain? Not anymore! Recall that he was into wine? Nuh-uh, he’s a beer man now! Thinking back fondly on all those Picard-playing-a-piccolo scenes? Well get over it, buddy; he’s got a wicked electric guitar now!