Picard show confirmed


Well, yes, but to me it sounds like an attempt to connect somehow the more recent movies with the original timeline. So placing the Romulus destruction after the events depicted in all series so far - and doubling down on that in the Picard series - sounds quite “convenient”.

And doesn’t the future part of “All Good Things…” happen after or around that date? I don’t remember any mention to Romulus being destroyed there, though I might be pushing it.

I’m nitpicking though. Timeline confusion is the least of Trek’s problems.


There’s only so much a Frenchman can change, and the line must be drawn at beer over wine. There, no further!

Maybe the series is about Picard’s post Starfleet career as a rock star, going around the Galaxy, bringing rock to all the cultures, resistance being futile in face of his shredding…


Shredding? As Locutus, you’d think he’d be into, I dunno, chiptunes or something.



edit, no, I actually like this band’s earlier albums, so I’m gonna at least go with one of the songs I dug back in the day rather than whatever that was earlier. Although the video for “Rise of a Digital Nation” is painfully mid-00s Myspace Teen Chic :-P


I have that shirt. It’s like a nerd detector. If someone says, "I love the shirt, " it’s a pretty good bet that we’ll get along.


Okay, I am confused. In the correct (TNG) timeline, things happen, and the star explodes, then Spock and the rest are sent back in time, starting a brandnew time line.
But, in the TNG timeline, the planets destruction still happened. You can’t just wave that away. It occurred.

You could set the series before the destruction, but than you have to deal with it eventually (because it happens in this time line).

Now, it might not explode in the new Star Trek Timeline, but that new star trek time line might not have Picard, and certainly, everything from the 22nd century onward would be different from the TNG time line.


Yeah exactly. It’s the only thing from the TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY that we know occurred from the rebooted Star Trek movie. Well, 2 things, I guess. We know Romulus was destroyed, and that Spock disappeared from that timeline.


Ok, but the movie that established that the Romulus destruction happens is the newish Star Trek, right? There’s no mention to such an event in any of the previous series/movies, correct?


No, it happens far after TNG/DS9/VOY.


I would watch the hell out of that. Ratings indicate that is a minority opinion, however.

Cue “There are dozens of us!” gif.


I like how, as a nerd detector, it has different levels. Level 1 if someone says “I love the shirt”. Level 9000 if someone comments “Temba, his arms wide”. ;)


And if it’s any higher than that, our hair color changes and we just power up for a few hours.


That’s the thing. In that timeline, the future part of “All Good Things…” happens in 2395, years after the destruction of Romulus in 2387. And I don’t remember any mention of Romulus no longer being there in 2395, though my memory is fuzzy. It’s funny even because the anomaly is in the neutral zone? That in the future no long exists, since the Romulan Empire was taken by the Klingons or something? Wow, it’s confusing, and it’s been a while…

Never mind me. Also, didn’t Picard have some kind of disease in the future? Will that be a part of the new series?


Funny thing: the original japanese audio actually says 8000 in that scene, not 9000.

Uh, why is my hair glowing?


That episode is so full of Q meddling that I would take it with a big grain of salt.


They even said so at the end of the episode, IIRC. Not just about Q, but just that having seen that one possible future, and sharing that vision with the crew, he probably changed the future quite a bit as a result.

Edit: Ah here we go, from the transcript:

Spoilers for end of All Good Things

[Riker’s quarters]

(the senior staff poker game has been going for a while)
CRUSHER: Take it.
RIKER: Any time, Doctor.
LAFORGE: Four hands in a row. How does he do it?
RIKER: I cheat. I’m kidding.
CRUSHER: You know, I was thinking about what the Captain told us about the future. About how we all changed and drifted apart. Why would he want to tell us what’s to come?
LAFORGE: Sure goes against everything we’ve heard about not polluting the time line, doesn’t it.
DATA: I believe, however, this situation is unique. Since the anomaly did not occur, there have already been changes in the way this time line is unfolding. The future we experience will undoubtedly be different from the one the Captain encountered.
RIKER: Maybe that’s why he told us. Knowing what happens in that future allows us to change things now, so that some things never happen.
(Worf and Riker look at each other)
WORF: Agreed.
RIKER: Come in.
TROI: Am I too late?
RIKER: Of course not. Pull up a chair.
TROI: What’s the game?
DATA: Five card draw, deuces wild.
RIKER: Come.
(Picard enters, and everyone stares)
RIKER: Is there a problem, sir?
PICARD: No. I, er, I just thought that I might, erm, I might join you this evening. If there’s room.
RIKER: Of course. Have a seat.
DATA: Would you care to deal, sir?
PICARD: Oh, er, thank you, Mister Data. Actually, I used to be quite a card player in my youth, you know. I should have done this a long time ago.
TROI: You were always welcome.
PICARD: So. Five card stud, nothing wild, and the sky’s the limit.


We don’t have to guess about the destruction of Romulus, Kurtzmann has already mentioned it will factor into the show:


Yes, this.


It’s clearly just a continuation of Tapestry. Junior Lieutenant Picard (or should I say Pickerd):


In that pic he has ears a Ferengi might enjoy.