Picard show confirmed


I’d quite sure there’s some fanfic out there to satisfy* that curiosity.

*kill with fire


You sick bastard! :)


James McAvoy wants in on the show to play the young Picard!

(WARNING! After the Star Trek statement, the video jumps into Glass footage, so if you are spoiler averse, turn off after 20sec)


I think he could possibly make a good young Picard, really. He did a great job playing young Patrick Stewart in another franchise, after all. ;)


MTV News is still a thing? I had no idea.


I’m 100% on board with that. He’s great.




Pfft, there’s another obvious choice: an excellent actor with experience playing young Picard.


How dare you! You know what this means. @Navaronegun is going to post that dune buggy gif again. Because that invalidates every other halfway decent or good thing about the movie, right Navaronegun? :)




So glad I’ve still never seen Nemesis.


It’s a decent movie. Don’t listen to the haters.

Or do, and go in with low expectations, that’s even better.


Well, if you saw it, you’d get to see some real deal Starfleet planetary action!



It sounds as shitty as the planetary “action” in Star Trek Online. No thankies.




Nemesis has problems, but it’s far, far better than Insurrection. The last time I went through all the movies, it was the TNG movie I enjoyed the most (and it has the best space battle since WoK), mainly because I’d forgotten everything about it. It’s not as good as First Contact, although the more I see that the less I like it, and Generations is just a mess of lost potential. Still, if you’re the kind of person who watches a Star Trek movie and says “WHAT? That’s not 100% consistent with what happened in Season 4, Episode 3 of TNG, and it puts into question everything we learned about X, Y and Z” then… well, maybe skip it. ;)

And the buggy sequence isn’t that bad, sheesh. Picard has fun, the horror!


The Next Generation and the Furious: Nemesis


Yeah, I’m not that guy. I watch a ST movie because it’s a ST movie.


Heh. I AM that guy when it comes to Star Trek: First Contact. I hate the retcon of the Borg. Nemesis has its problem, but nothing like the retcon of the Borg in First Contact.


Well, all the TNG films are questionable and below average at best, though Nemesis and Insurrection are at the bottom of the franchise barrel imo, along with In Search of God.


Good series, after the initial stumbles, but they couldn’t make a good movie with that cast, god help ‘em. First Contact gets extra negative points for gratuitously f*****with TOS lore.