Picard show confirmed

This is my stance, both because I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop in terms of word-of-mouth and because, in the happy event that it doesn’t happen, I’ll want to be able to watch at my own pace.

In the interim I’m rewatching Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks (and showing the latter to my wife for the first time, who’s really enjoying it).

Ah, Battlestar Picard, in more ways than one. Still mostly liked it.

Jesus, stop reminding us what happened in Season 1. No one wants to remember that mess!

(Sorry, that sounded harsh, meant to be tongue in cheek). :)

As for waiting to watch, at least half of it is damn well worth your time. If it somehow goes off a cliff (I’m feeling pretty good about it, but knowing Moriarty is still on the horizon is keeping my caution level up), those hours are still solid entertainment and full of great spaceship porn too.

I wish that Lore hadn’t been in the trailers/teaser info, because that really clues into why the Daystrom station is a destination/target here.

The writing was so sloppy in Season 1. Seriously, head of Starfleet Security isn’t going to get the deepest background check of any job in the quadrant? So government efficiency is so unfixable that even in a Roddenberrian utopia it still sucks?

Never underestimate the ability of the latter part of a narrative to retroactively make the earlier parts worse. Battlestar Galactica taught me that.

Picard Season 1 and 2 did that too.

Ugh. Good point. I was in love for the first three seasons of BSG, and then Starbuck Jesus and All Along the Watchtower left it as a relationship I regret.

I can’t speak to 2 since I skipped it at the recommendation of essentially everyone I know who saw it, but yeah season 1 was certainly another good example of this.

Well this season is better than the previous ones but… they sure like leaning on overused Star Trek tropes. The mystery box vision stuff needs to stop. Fortunately, there is enough good this season that it overshadows the tropeishness. The Worf and Raffi road show has been the pair up we did not know we really wanted

I really enjoyed episode 5, this season has been the great.

Also I did not know this, the name did not register.

Amanda Plummer.

Only the Season 2 stuff with Q at the bookends is really worth watching; the rest is garbage.Season 1 went off the rails real quick and was horrific.

I hate some of the tropes in Season 3 but still, it’s by far the best season.

— Alan

I really like Captain Shaw. His roast of Picard and Riker in the turbo lift was amazing. And he’s totally right. They create the problems they solved to become “legends”. Like seriously. Did Picard put into his report on the Borg that he provoked Q, a known unstable entity, into throwing the Enterprise into the Borgs path?

How many people died because Picard mouthed off to Q?

Haha, I thought I was the only one who liked him. They made him too much of an asshole at first (during that dinner/greeting and issue with 7 of 9) but mostly I enjoy his ying to Picard/Riker’s yang and that he calls them on their plot-armor.

He’s a great foil, and the actor is knocking it out of the park, but I still dislike him.

I’m expecting him to die in a redemptive moment and give the ship to Seven (in which he’ll call her Seven as he dies) and that’ll be our Titan spin-off.

Dude I am all in for a Captain Seven show. Give us a proper Star Trek series continuing the TNG era, please!

Exactly. From what I read, the Titan is less an exploratory ship and more of a “doing the business of supporting Starfleet and the Federation” in Federation and nearby systems, which is why she has such big impulse engines. Therefore, I’d love to see a weekly, Strange New Worlds/TNG-style weekly adventures of the Titan.

First order of business now that Captain Shaw is gone is to turn on the lights and up the themostat. That old cheapskate.

That actor, Todd Stashwick, has been in a lot of stuff in recent years, including a number of sci-fi shows: the 100 briefly, the 12 Monkeys series, a few other things, and he has both good screen presence and great line delivery. But his role as Shaw is his best. He’s an a-hole, somewhat, but only partly mostly b/c he’s not buying the Picard legend (and it should be noted that Picard did in fact board his ship under false pretenses). But he’s a competent a-hole who can be worked with and he has great chemistry with Jeri Ryan.

As to Ryan, she should get her own show. Captain Seven of the Titan!

Shaw started growing on me over time. Then seeing the Ready Room interview with Todd Stashwick, it was fun to see he’s a Trek fan who was excited to play a Vulcan/Romulan on Enterprise and is still amazed he gets to be a captain.

Another good interview with him here:

I hope he makes it through. His deadnaming Seven was due to his Borg trauma, and his reticence to put his crew at risk is also a result of that, and is right up there with James T Kirk’s “I’m responsible for 430 lives” mantra. We expect our captains to dive head-first into the maw of danger, but realistically, I’d appreciate a captain who considers the risk.

I was just thinking I can’t believe this is the same show that had a romulan ninja as a main character.

I’m genuinely sad this is the last season. They should have started with this.