Picard show confirmed


The Wrath of Khan and The Voyage Home are still widely considered the best movies in the franchise, aren’t they?


Usually. WoK will never not be great. I don’t think TVH has aged very well. I prefer The Undiscovered Country. Most of them have their moments that I look forward to when watching them. Even The Final Frontier, although that moment lasts for about 5 seconds.


I don’t recall having any issues when I re-watched the TNG movies a few years back on Blu-ray with my son, but I wanted to pop in and mention I felt The Undiscovered Country was the best Trek film, with WoK being a very close second.


Hmmm. The Undiscovered Country is the only one I haven’t watched (yet).


You should, it’s the best one.


Second best, you mean. It’s pretty much impossible to beat Khan, and there’s a lot of fat in Undiscovered Country like pretty much all of Rura Penthe.


Yeah, the whole movie really slows down at Rura Penthe, and the trial is a bit long-winded on repeat viewings as well, but the rest of it is great.


I said what I meant and i meant what I said. Sir.


Yeah, well…quit drinking whole bottles of Tequila when you talk about the best Star Trek film in the franchise and these sorts of misunderstandings won’t occur!


Yeah, Undiscovered Country was the clear favorite when I taught special ed courses years ago.


I have to admit, even though I have my own person rankings of these movies based on enjoyment, repeat viewings never factor into how I rate them. I think I’ve seen all the Star Trek movies at least twice, and some three times over the years. It never occurred to me that they’d be the type of movies you’d watch over and over.

I also view Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country as the best of the lot. But I will concede that if I watched the movies over and over again (why?), that this might change, since certain things might not be as fun in that scenario.


We just watched 2, 5 and 6 recently. 6 and 2 definitely hold up. 5, not so much…


“What does god need with a starship?”


And you skipped the actual best one? Why man? IV is a treasure. A cheese dipped treasure.


I actually just bought this for myself as a birthday present:

Image result for amazon star trek 50th anniversary

All three seasons of the original series, the animated series, and all six movies on blu-ray. Wife has never seen 3 or 4, or much TOS, and no TAS, so we’re gonna fix that. ;)


WHAAAAAAT I didn’t know that existed. Well all right man, got your hands on best Trek there. You can join us over in the TOS rewatch thread, but you got some catching up to do.


Oh it’s right here!

And yeah, I’ve been trying to get her interested in TOS for a while. She grew up with TNG/DS9/VOY, so this has been a tough sell.

I did show her “The Doomsday Machine” the other day, and she did enjoy it, so there’s hope.


Need some Harcourt Fenton Mudd.


And Tribbles.


Happy Birthday!