Picard show confirmed


Thank you!


A little more info on where the Picard show fits in the timeline:


So…I guess we need to finally watch Nemesis…


No, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I actually think the 2009 reboot may be more relevant here, since the big plot driver appears to be the destruction of Romulus. But even that was almost a side note in that movie.


So many shitty TNG movies… I get worked up into a rage when I consider the squandered potential! I’m also not a big Patrick Stewart fan anymore as a result.


Agreed. Khan is damned close, but UC hits my Cold War upbringing perfectly.


First Contact rules and is right up their with Kahn and Undiscovered Country as the best Trek flicks.


I can’t think of any reason for any Trek fan not to experience it once. No true fan would have skipped any of the films, you filthy casual.


That’s the same argument my wife used on me to get me to watch Batman and Robin last year. I still have regrets.


Dude, Nemesis is way better than Batman and Robin. Even if you hate everything else about it, Nemesis has an epic space battle that’s worth seeing at least once. I mean, Khan will always be the best space battle because I love the cat-and-mouse between two great characters, but Nemesis does it well. Think of the rest of the movie as background info to the battle, and the aftermath as the epilogue. I have a gut feeling you won’t like the movie overall, but that you’ll like parts of it.

Still, I think it’s probably my favourite TNG movie now because a) I’ve seen First Contact too many times and the entire planetside stuff really annoys me, b) Insurrection is terrible, c) Generations killed everything I liked about it with the ending (plus Data is annoying), so that leaves Nemesis which I haven’t seen enough times yet to have grown to dislike. There’s your box quote. I also think Nemesis has aged better than the others, but maybe DS9 has soured me on the TNG “universe”.


Nemesis is absolute garbage.


It’s better than the Orville movie will be.


So there you have it @BrianRubin! Nemesis is the best TNG movie, or absolute garbage, or somewhere in between. Sorry we are no help at all. ;)


For Science! Which was the worst?

  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
  • Star Trek Nemesis
  • Sh!t Bonerz

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Aw man, I can’t do it. They’re both so bad in completely different ways. And as much as I love Trek in general, they’re probably the only two movies that if I were to come by them while flipping channels, I’d just keep on clicking.


I’ve seen V more recently. This means it has that big strike against it. I’m not sure it’s onestly worse though! @divedivedive I feel your pain.

Going with V simply because the original movies could be quite good. While the only TNG one I enjoy is First Contact.

Yeah, I said it, I like first contact, especially the ending.


Indeed! On one hand, dune buggy. On the other, what does God need with a space buggy? I can’t pick between them.

And, warts and all, I did enjoy First Contact, like @CraigM .


Why is the dune buggy sequence so bad? I mean, I get that it’s hardly high cinema, but other than that, it seems entirely average to me.


Mostly because nothing about it is Star Trek.

It’s a car chase with purple bazookas. In Star Trek.


It feels just so random and out of place. It’s like I’m watching Schindler’s List and then a little girl with a red dress appears and the film cuts into a musical scene from Moulin Rouge.