Pick Your Fave MST3K Episode!


In the Tron thread, a case is being made for Pod People. Which, admittedly, is crazy funny. But I put it to you: IS IT FUNNIER THAN MITCHELL??? HUH???

Well, maybe. And, because I’m Canadian, I freely admit that I have not seen every single episode, although I’ve seen almost all of the ones Rhino put on DVD.

So you tell me, Poindexters: What’s the funniest episode?


Cave Dwellers for me.

Joel: Wait, why is she limping?
Crow T. Robot: Uh, because she’s got an arrow in her chest.
Joel: Oh I can see… huh?

Tom Servo: Okay, look! It’s bad enough that this was clearly the worst film you have ever sent us, but it has continuity problems to boot! My colleague Crow will illustrate!
Crow T. Robot: I’ll what?
Tom Servo: You’ll show ‘em.
Crow T. Robot: Oh, right. Okay uh, frame 12247, Cambot bring that up. A pan of a field, yet clearly seen in the back, somebody’s been a four-wheelin’! Okay, next frame please… 2162503… Forgiving the fact that Ator is flying a hang-glider… he’s doing it OVER A MODERN CITY! Okay, now the peace de resistance, Cambot. 202043, during the raping and pillaging, a prehistoric caveman can be clearly seen waring a pair of Ray Bans! Who’s that behind the Foster Grants? IT’S OG!
Joel: Yeah, and what about Scarecrow’s brain?
Crow T. Robot: Huh?
Dr. Forrester, Frank: What do you want from us? We’re evil! EVIL!


Prince of Space. WE LIKE IT VERY MUCH.


Pod People, no doubt.

But Mitchell (“How do you like your scotch, Mitchell?” “By the quart.”) and Space Mutiny are really, really close.




For me… Gamera. Really neat AND filled with meat!



If decades from now I have a stroke that takes out most of my brain’s language centers, I’m still sure I’ll able to belt out “HE TRIIIIED TO KILL HIM WITH A FORKLIFT!”


Mitchell is amazing, to be sure, but I loved Space Fugitive for the forklift song and Space Mutiny for the slew of bad muscle man names they kept spewing out whenever the main character would come on the screen.


The Human Duplicators. Richard “Jaws” Kiel as an alien invader.

“You’re turning people into robots!”
“Granted, not very good robots.”


They have GOT to get more episodes of MST3K on Netflix Watch Instantly.

Edit: actually, I just checked and there’s a pretty decent number of them available now…


Space Mutiny!

“I have weakness for pain… of others.”


I’d go with one of the Fugitive Aliens.


Manos the Hands of Fate.

I wish those hands would just push him over.

The Gamera one is a close second because I think it’s Crow that starts singing the theme song to Joel after a rocket appears on screen and he says ‘Look familiar?’ Then Joel takes his arm off and throws it across the theater.


It’s a tie between Space Mutiny and The Final Sacrifice (Rowsdowr!) for me, I guess.

Move, move, move!


Joel, why would anyone what to do that with Mitchell?


Trumpy, you can do STUPID things!


They tried to kill him with a forklift!

Tough one, but I’m going Mitchell.


Horror at Party Beach or Revenge of the Creature.


Attack of The (The) Eye Creatures.

“Go ahead, take a good long look. They just didn’t care.”

Favorite short: Johnny at the Fair


I just watched an episode on Netflix: Zombie Nightmare, that was pretty awesome.

The only problem was you can tell there are a couple gory death scenes that the show cuts out. But otherwise it’s pretty damn hilarious, and has Adam West!

“I like when it makes the ting sound.”

Other than that, the Movie will always own my hearts top spot.


A lot of my favorites have been mentioned, but honorable mention for The Girl in Lover’s Lane for “Did he say Big Stupid?” and later singing “Big Stupid to the rescue!” to the tune of Jim Dandy.


So easy. It has to be Eegah.

If for no other reason, because of this awesome moment.


“Who said that?”