Pick Your Fave MST3K Episode!


Texas Skinranger


Teenage Werewolf. It’s definitely a fun one–lots of werewolf-themed Bonanza tunes, “he beefed” jokes, the world’s worst gymnast, and the return of “Depressing Dad” from High School Big Shot.

— Alan


You mean Veerewolf?

De vun vid de Yanaglanche in it?


I Was a Teenage Werewolf

Not to be confused with Teen Wolf.


I haven’t seen them all, though I own almost all of them (like 1 episode short from owning them all. Of course, I don’t have the first 3 cable access episodes, but no one does except maybe Joel and Trace) but here’s my list of the ones I think stand out

Pod People
Merlin’s Mystical Shop
Prince of Space
Touch of Satan

Manos is overrated but man, it’s funny too. If you want pain, watch Red Zone Cuba.


Mano’s what?


I think Godzilla vs Megalon has and is one of my favorites.


I just saw Village of the Giants (the tapes are still being circulated) and jesus CHRIST it was funny. One of the best episodes I’ve seen. Season 5 episode 23 I think.


Such a great line from Outlaw:

“What have you done with the prisoner?”
“We canceled it; it was too obscure.”

— Alan


While “Riding With Death” is still, and will always be my favorite, this is probably one of my favorite MST3K moments ever.

That, and this.


“Paul! You is a wurrwelf!”

That might be my favorite actually.


There’s actually worse lines and deliveries from that movie that were cut out of the MST3k episode version. Check this out:

— Alan


I watched a great Joel-era one this weekend: The Beatniks, a movie that crucially features no beatniks whatsoever. Also has a great General Hospital short in front of the main.


Teenage Werewolf was great, but you can’t beat the lines:

“Look, it’s Jimmy!”
“He’s back from fighting Nazis on the moon!!!”


My favorite is Space Mutiny, hands down.

“There’s a ferret cage by the wall, if you need it.”

But Sunday night my wife and I watched Final Justice again, and that’s a classic.

“You think you can take me? Go 'head on. 'S your move.”

I never saw MST3K while it was on, so my exposure is limited to the DVD sets.


Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, because its the first one I remember watching in the early 90s. Mitchell is a close second and Prince of Space. I like the movie solely for the line, “early lsd tests in the air force”.

I’m also going to have to subscribe to netflix now that I’ve found out they stream episodes. Anyone know how well it works with a wii?


You are lucky sir. There was a good period after the show went off the air that DVDs were scarce. Rhino was putting out maybe 1 episode every 6 months.

Now that they have a new distributor, things are quite glorious. I do miss the old VHS trading days of the past though.


Well there are still some episodes that will probably never get re-released.

— Alan


I used to do the VHS trading back in the mid 90’s (I last remember donating movies to the digital archive project in '97, but started tape trading in 94.)

I still have a giant book with a CD for each MST3K episode - I think I have many of them on CD’s (each CD has a 700M AVI file on it.) It’s a gigantic binder, that probably weights about 8-10 lbs, and has almost every episode from KTMA on. Checking DAP, it’s amazing that many of those episodes I have are now for sale, and probably at much better quality level than mine, which were often 3rd generation tapes -> digital.


Some favorites at our house:

Space Mutiny - “Look alive, everyone! Oh, sorry, Susan.”

Riding With Death - “You actually like Robert Denby?”

Jack Frost - “My muffins!”

The Pumaman - “The Dutch are mean.”

Hercules Against The Moon Men - “Sandstorm!”

Teenagers From Outer Space - “What about TORTURE?!??”