Pics: Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux


I just don’t see it working too well, personally. As others have said, doing Aeon Flux with actual actors is like doing a live-action Picasso painting.

Wouldn’t have known that was supposed to be the Aeon Flux chick if it didn’t say so on the pics.

Neither would I. And what’s the deal with the crouching in 3 of the 5 pictures? “Ooh. If I crouch I look sexier!”

Looks like cosplay with a good photographer.

Eh. Compare to the original Aeon Flux.

I am disappointed that they didn’t use the original costume. Not because I’m a big AE fan, but because I’d really like to see Charlize Theron running around in those threads (or, rather, lack of threads).

i always thought it would take someone who looked like a pissed off courtney cox to play aeon flux.

Her name is Carrie Ann-Moss.

Her name is Carrie Ann-Moss.[/quote]

…and she already did.

Her name is Carrie Ann-Moss.[/quote]yeah but aeon flux is supposed to be hot!

Meh… I’ve always said that I thought she could pull it off, and I still do, and I still have hopes for the movie… but the biggest hope for it is that it raises awareness of the series enough to convince MTV to release it on DVD.

With the movie coming a DVD release of the animated series is pretty much a lock. Even if the film was a bomb the movie marketing budget alone would justify it.

My guess is the possibility of the theatrical film was one of the reasons Viacom hasnt released it earlier.

A DVD release of simply the original Liquid Television short-series would tide me over. I’m of the opinion that Aeon Flux was at her finest when she never spoke a word.

Sadly, I doubt the live action version will feature our heroine running through a corridor with twin submachine guns ablaze and a hundred plus stods raining down from the balconies in torrents of gore that put Dead Alive to shame all in one take. And that will be a criminal omission!

As will be an ending featuring a bizarre demon foot fetish afterlife thing going on. Or, for that matter, even a close-up shot of a housefly landing on Charlize’s eyeball.

I gather the director’s only previous film was Girlfight, which sounds from the blurb to be a sort of insecure-testosterone-friendly version of Billy Elliot, with punching people in the face while sweating and grunting being the forbidden draw away from dancing girlishly about, instead of vice versa. And I like my own blurb about it too much to actually see aforementioned film.

Those look laughably bad. She is far, far too soft looking to play Aeon Flux. She also lacks any sort of intensity in her eyes. She looks like a pampered girl trying to be bad. Pretty much Hollywood level cosplay as was said above.


There’s something inherently unfair about calling movies “Hollywood Cosplay”. It’s inverting things in a way that’s just wrong.

I mean, did you think that sometimes they really are those people?

On the other hand, she wasn’t at all soft-looking in Monster. She didn’t look all that intense though, so I don’t know if she has it in her.

On the other hand, she wasn’t at all soft-looking in Monster. She didn’t look all that intense though, so I don’t know if she has it in her.[/quote]
Yeah, but Theron was “hard” in a crack whore kind of way, not really a ninjanime sort of hard. Uglying her up to an extreme degree was key. None of that applies in a role like Aeon. I mean, let’s look at a similar debacle with Tomb Raider. Angelina Jolie is twice the bad girl in a ninja way that Theron ever could be, and was still far off the mark. And that was for a much less challenging character, in terms of hitting a certain archetype.

Tomb Raider didn’t really have a story, and wasn’t really “about” anything but a chick with guns who could climb stuff.

If they can pull of the weird shit from Aeon Flux, and capture something of what made it unique it’ll be okay. If they can’t, it’ll be “Demolition Man”.

What’s wrong with Demolition Man?

Yeah, but who’s going to play Trevor Goodchild?

Marton Csokas

I don’t remember him from any of the movies I’ve apparently seen him in, so I can’t really comment.