Picture of the WOOOOO Guy

Hey, y’all know that pic of the guy with the controller going “WOOOOOOOOO” with the insane face? I can’t for the life of me find it anywhere. Could y’all help a brother out and tell me where to find it?


OMG THANK YOU. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for that!

I just remembered that the thread was called “I hate this guy” and did a search for it.

I was expecting an updated picture of that guy. This thread did not deliver.

Wow, that thread is AMAZING.

I was expecting a where is he now? type deal.

He’s the second hit on a GIS for “woooo”.

Yes, zylon, but how does one know how many “oooo”'s to put in there? I tried several variations to no avail.

Admin, could you change the title of this thread to more of a question so as to avoid further disappointment? Thanks!

I could just do this

“woo”? No.
“wooo”? No.
“woooo”? Success!

Took less than a minute.

Ask Mr. Owl.

When in doubt… you can always get my GAF avatar. It’s clipped from the original THROW DOWN ad from Gamespot that started the whole phenomenon after I posted about it here years ago.

So apparently the entire Wooo universe circles Dave Long.

It’s my gaming Internet meme claim to fame. :)

I know a Chinese guy who looks exactly like the Wooo guy. We tried to get him to do the face but he was suspicious and refused.

Don’t you mean the Woooniverse?

Man he gets around. I’m flattered that my awful photoshop has survived this long.

“The Knifing Negro?”