Pieces Of April

I’m surprised their hasn’t been a thread about this.

I watched it this weekend and I must admit I really enjoyed it. A really brilliant little film, all 77 minutes of it. I didn’t even mind for a second that it was an uplifting little Thanks Giving morality play.

I’m useless with names of actors so you will have bare with me here.

Katie Holmes was a little flakey in her role but the woman who played her mother absolutely nailed the role. What an awesome role it was as well.

Really minor spoiler ahead (Probably)

I really felt for the characters including April’s boyfriend and I was really relieved at the way that worked out in the very end.

I really enjoyed this movie, too. Patricia Clarkson played the Mom, if I’m not mistaken, and she was great. And Oliver Platt as the Dad also did a great job. Definitely one to pop in if you’re in the mood for a “nice” movie.

I thought the ending was a bit rushed. Kinda felt like the director wanted something else but ran out of budget.

Otherwise, it really was a nice little film, as well as reminder that Katie Holmes can be a really nice actress.

I kept waiting for the film to turn nasty, and as a pleasant deviation from most films I’ve seen lately it steadfastly refuses to do so.