Pierced Glasses

Glasses: Wish they’d just stay on by themselves? Now, they can.

Not a bad find. Even looking at these pictures makes me sick. How do you clean those glasses? And what to do about the swelling? And how to cope with disconcerted people gazing at you in mild revulsion?

G0t contacts?

Part of me thinks this is gross. Another part is glad he found a vaguely practical use for body piercing.

I do not have any piercings, so I don’t speak from experience, but my first instinct is that it isn’t good to have something rigid sticking several inches away from a piercing. Sure, it’s near his face and unlikely to get caught, but if it does get caught, there’s leverage.

"Held in place by tiny super magnets the lenses in our second prototype could be easily removed and replaced with sunglass lenses.

Magnets also made the new pair far safer as snags would pull away an individual lens harmlessly."

Well, then. Problem solved.

What is the effect on the brain of super magnets that close to your skull?

You start to think that the whole thing was a good idea in the first place.

can’t stick refrigerator magnets on your face?

It makes it kind of rough when you go in for that MRI.

No further need for the tinfoil hat.

If you live down in the -10 diopter land like me, just getting new glasses means a few days of adjustment to the new glasses. These things are a ticket to Headacheville every time you put them on.

Totally rad.

I used to have an eyebrow peircing that would get ripped every time I went snowboarding. While it’s cool to get back on a lift with blood streaming down your face, it sucks for the next 2 weeks while it heals. Ultimately, utilitarianism won out over style.