Pig heart xeno-transplants (& other animal organ transplants)

I thought we had a thread dedicated to just this subject, but I can’t find one. At any rate, disappointed to see the patient died due to some form of xenotransplant rejection that isn’t fully understood.

On autopsy, the xenograft was found to be edematous, having nearly doubled in weight. Histologic examination revealed scattered myocyte necrosis, interstitial edema, and red-cell extravasation, without evidence of microvascular thrombosis – findings that were not consistent with typical rejection.

There’s a hypothesis it was caused by zoonosis as he tested positive for porcine cytomegalovirus after 3 weeks. It’s strange though, since the pig itself was extensively monitored and tested for this virus and it always came back negative. So maybe there’s some mechanism where the virus is in stasis with very low counts… inactive that normal testing cannot identify. Then when it ends up in a body with no immune function or suppressor action it “wakes” up.

God I really hope they can make this work.

Me too. Would be a massive game changer

What do dead people need with new porcine tickers? Are we creating a race of undead pig people?

Whoops, I thought “Pig Heart Xeno Transplant” was the new Emerson, Lake and Palmer album.

Or early Pink Floyd.


Kinda hard to make an album if two out of three are dead. OTOH Greg Lake and Keith Emerson are great candidates for a pig heart transplant.

You people with your Neanderthal pig heart treatments.

Just edit your genome and be done with it. PS: in the future they will lock you up during the eugenics wars, but totally worth it.

There’s this as well for kidneys. While the experiment was terribly inconclusive since they didn’t remove the patient’s kidneys, it did show no rejection, though I’m not sure that did much since apparently xenogfrafted kidneys would take longer to show rejection damage. Hopefully they can accelerate this research. I wonder if a pig kidney would be less of a risk over the long term vs. a pig heart transplant.

First pig kidneys transplanted into people: what scientists think.