PIG - Nic Cage goes HAM

Haha, what in the fuck.

Hehe… That was my reaction as well!

Did I understand that correctly? Cage plays world famous chef who burns out, becomes a hermit, adopts a pig, may be having sex with said pig, then pig gets pignapped?

I wish my creative writing teachers would have let me get away with writing shit of that quality, let alone selling it for real money.

I guess I should watch the trailer again…

Truffle hunter Nic Cage loses his pet and means of income, and goes on a bloody trail of revenge to get it back?

That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.

Add to list of COVID-19 origin theories

Oh, this needs to get mocked by screen junkies

Nic Wick?

Looks like a Nic Cage movie alright.

No props for that thread title? Nicely done, Telefrog.

Pay your taxes folks, it’s just easier.

That’s some pig!

This is all John Wick’s dog’s fault.

Bob Odenkirk’s Nobody has a similar running joke with the “fuckin’ kitty cat bracelet.”

So a remake of The Protector? Expect egregious head elbow bashing.

Looks more like Taken to me.

Bacon, if you will

Well I don’t know if it’s going to last, but Pig actually has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes right now:

I seriously cannot wait.

So sad, it got it’s first negative review. Now running at 94% with 1 negative review out of 16. This genuinely is looking like an outstanding movie. Some more critic’s quotes from Rotten Tomatoes:

Nicolas Cage at his very best. This film is beautiful, heartfelt, and unafraid to really dive deep into emotions. WOW.

[It’s Cage’s] best performance in years.

A much more thoughtful and introspective performance by Cage than advertised, and easily his best in recent memory.

It features a measured, meticulous performance from Nicolas Cage

It’s a brilliant film; so please go watch it and experience it for yourself.

It… hints at exciting things to come from Sarnoski, a gifted visual filmmaker, who has assembled a promising, if imperfect, debut.

I understood that reference