Pike, Spock and Number One will return to explore 'Strange New Worlds'

I must admit I haven’t seen season two of Discovery yet but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the portrayal of Captain Pike and Spock, and lots of people hoping that they’d find a way to get their own show. Well good news, everybody!

The portrayal of Pike in season 2 is great, the portrayal of Spock is just deeply weird. Not terrible, just layering in metric tons of motivation, psychology, and backstory that in no way mesh with what comes later. In general I’ve settled on the idea that Discovery is just taking place in its own parallel timeline (distinct from TOS/TNG’s and distinct from the shitty movie timeline) and the whole thing works much better that way.

All that said, I enjoyed their version of Pike and Number One (what little you see of her) quite a bit and would gladly watch a show about that crew.

Yay! Great news. I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully it will continue to be like Discovery Season 2, and nothing like Picard Season 1.

I’m just hoping it lives up to the promise of its title, returning to the premise of the original series - to boldly go where no man has gone before, to seek out new life and civilizations. That’s Trek to me. Guess I ought to get caught up on Discovery sometime soon to see what we’re in for.

Yeah, I like the name a lot. And just having finished watching the Original Series, I hope it returns to the dangerous universe of the original series where most stuff out there can kill them.

Very happy to hear this, wont be available for a long while probably but its good to hear they plan to head into this direction.

Oh this is fantastic news. Long-rumored, to be sure, but finally having confirmation is excellent!

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Nice. Anson Mount is completely unrecognizable in that beard.

And yet somehow even sexier.

Anson was a remarkable bit of casting. He’s a charismatic (and yes, good-looking) guy and as shown in some of the mixed flashbacks to the original series pilot, bears a pretty solid resemblance to Jeffrey Hunter to boot.

Cool. I enjoyed the Discovery Pike performance, really had that original series vibe to it, except not nearly as much “alien lover boy” as Kirk. Would be happy to see more of the same. Spock was fine in Discovery, though his character felt like largely an accessory for Michael most of the time. Hopefully more happens with him in this series. And ever since The Librarians, I’ve been happy to see Rebecca Romijn in most anything.

…, and have sex with green women?


I like Spock in STD, but it’s a very different Spock than in TOS. More self-aware and flirty IMO. Less of a jerk or stick-in-the-mud. I mean, it’s going to be harder to play off of STD Spock for laughs like Kirk and McCoy were in the habit of doing in TOS.

“And we’re gonna get to work on a classic Star Trek that deals with optimism and the future.”

Hit it!

They were definitely the highlight of Discovery season 2 and if they carry over what they brought to Discovery, to their own series, it should be very good, especially if the series is as “classic” as they claim it’s going to be. Looking forward to this.

The (20 year old?!) Family Guy line about Jeffrey Hunter (the original Pike) being “apparently good enough to play our lord and savior but not quite up to the task of seducing green women” springs to mind.

Awsome news. Anson was great as Pike. I liked Peck too although it took awhile to warm up to the character. Hard to say much Rebecca as Number One since she wasnt there much except at the end. Good on CBS for paying attention to the fans and reacting.

You get more of her in one of the Short Trek episodes.