Pike, Spock and Number One will return to explore 'Strange New Worlds'

This is amazing news.

I thought the actor playing Pike was really good in Discovery.

Although, strangely, he seemed to give Pike quite a few Kirk mannerisms!

I don’t remember from Canon if Kirk ever served under Pike, but I don’t think so.

Yep, when I heard that quote it also made me hopeful that they might turn this ship around and give me more of what I wanted in the first place. The rumoured Section 31 show would have embodied the complete opposite of that spirit, so I’m glad that show seems to have been shelved.

Perhaps Orville won’t be the only scifi show giving us that sense of fun & adventure!

Seems to me there’s room for both.

I have yet to hear anyone other than Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Yeoh express enthusiasm for a Section 31 show.

Man Shatner’s gonna be pissed.

Should I be watching these new Star Treks?? I watched the first episode of Picard because it was free.

Generally you can get a month of free CBS All Access any old time - check the relevant thread for codes. If it doesn’t cost anything, there’s no harm giving it a try. It’s… different, but not necessarily bad.

I didn’t really like how violent and action movie like that first episode of Picard was. It didn’t feel like Star Trek.

Basically the first eight episodes of Picard and season two of Discovery.

Great news! Looking forward to this.

Picard was very polarizing. I’m in the group that felt that while it was watchable, it was also possibly the worst Trek series ever, plot wise. It deserves to get slammed for its romulan ninja nun trained SPAAAACE Legolas alone. It also definitely plays to the TNG crowd with a couple of good TGN appearances and while that’s not enough to cover for the gaping plot issues, the series does have its moments. If you watch it, simply lower your expectations and you should be fine. Surprisingly, 7 of 9 might be the best thing about the show.
As far as Discovery, the first season is a bit uneven but gets better as it goes along.
Season 2 is pretty good and the portrayals of Pike and Spock and the highlights of the season.

The whole affair makes me want a 7 of 9 show, really, preferrably written by someone other than the folks that wrote Picard. Still, that’s quite an accomplishment considering the origin of the character.

I would, just not done by the people who had anything to do with Discovery season 2. Completely changed how S31 was portrayed on DS9 where they were created.

Oh man, this is outstanding news, I was hoping something like this would work out!

So CBS looks to be throwing a bone to the the not fans of Discovery and Picard. These quotes from the co-creator point to a more episodic format and “optimistic” tone some fans have wanted.

They have made similar promises about other Trek series.

No, he expressed admiration for Pike, but didn’t serve with him. Only Spock.

Looks like Paramount is pretending those movies never happened… or rather, relegating them to an alternate timeline. Good.

I know nothing about these new series except this photo, and I’m so excited for it.

Yellow, Blue, and Red shirts. Look at that chair, so many sharp angles! This looks like a proper USS Enterprise.

The Kelvin timeline was always an alternate one to the original. Hell, the fact that they called the original timeline the “Prime” will tell you that.

Looks like season 1 is almost done filming.

It’s amazing to think we now live in a time where there are 5 Star Trek shows being made.

Lower Decks
Strange New Worlds

AND a new film out in 2023.