Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


I have to say, when I heard the DLC was being generated by separate teams and not by the same folk who made the core game, I was worried. Images of college interns and inexperienced devs came to mind. But so far Beast/Winter has been pretty good. In fact, some of its maps are arguably the best, in terms of at least visual appeal, in either Pillars game.

And the Waidwen section was a very cool call-back on the game’s own lore. Neat little section too.


My Deadfire miniatures came in the mail today. All bent up, but since they’re pewter I was able to carefully bend them into better shape; Eder’s scimitar was literally wrapped over his head, for example. And the detail on them doesn’t even begin to compare to the plastic minis I got from CMON for the Game of Thrones tabletop game. I doubt I paint them, just a waste of money.

All this three months after launch. Good job, Obsidian.


That’s annoying to hear. I still haven’t gotten mine. Did you get the rest of your physical rewards or did you have any?


This is why I bought extra digital copies instead of going for any physical goodies to help support any Kickstarter stuff… just seems to risky an investment.


I did both, but don’t want to start the game until I get the physical map, etc., since they’ll have no use afterwards.

I’ve never had problems getting physical rewards through crowd-funding before this and Shroud of the Avatar and this experience has annoyed me enough that I’ll never crowd fund a game again, except maybe Larian’s, which is a costly mistake from these guys since my average RPG crowd-funding cost has been around $800 per game.


Man… whoever designed this pair of items needs to like… find a new job.

On top of being buggy as hell, it’s a stupid, stupid unlock for a pair of Soulbound items.

The only way I found to do it was stand someplace for literally like 40 minutes and surf the internet. That’s just bad design on a crazy level.

I wont spoil much, but you need to have a thing happen. 100 times. I wore the armor for like 6 hours. I got: ZERO procs in the course of play. Also one of the items doesn’t count the events if the other one is counting them or something. So… 200 events. That happen zero times in 6 hours. Yeah…

So I’m posting here while the game is on another monitor waiting for the process to complete.


What items are they?


Soulbound Armor and Shield in the DLC


I think I finally settled on which build is my favorite. It’s not the highest dps, or visually the coolest, but my battlemage, an unbroken fighter with pikes as his one proficiency, with a straight-up wizard using Citzal’s spirit lance (a summoned pike with an AoE) in the fighter stance that hits everything around means those mule kicks put everything up in the air during those really crowded ship fights. It’s pretty OP, and buffed up my battlemage survives just fine wearing only robes with 0 weapon cooldown.


Physical backer rewards finally arrived in the mail today.


What are people’s thoughts on Mega Bosses?

While I think any new content is great for a game, I do feel that the small DLCs and free add-ons are too often combat-related and do not build on the story enough. It’ll be great for a @John_Reynolds who loves testing out those builds, but for a player like me who just likes exploring and building on the story and characters, it’s not big excitement.


Hey, I like exploration and world building too! ;)

I like the Skaen mod that thickens the fog of war at night and indoors. Not sure I like the mod that degrades weapons and armor. That one is easy to screwup. I read about that and my first thought was System Shock 2 and how firing a pistol a handful of times would cause it to break. No thanks.


I like that they are thinking of different ways to make the game experience new for players to replay with the Abydon and Skaen challenge settings. Items that wear away and destruct and encroaching fog of war? Ack! But those both, again, seem to affect combat more so than anything else (hence, the challenge). Nice thing about how much I enjoy PoE and Deadfire is that I’ll replay them without any enticements beyond what the vanilla game has to offer.

Will you be trying out the Skaen challenge then?


Probably combine it with a new build and the DLC. Getting burned out on the original content since I’m at 200+ hours now.

Since I griped about the pewter companion miniatures, I should add that the Od Nua statue that arrived yesterday is nice. It’s about 10" tall, large diameter, and well sculpted.


Well, it took an extra 3 and a half months, and a bonus 30 bucks in extra postage, but Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire has finally been released, guys!! (really wanted that hardcover guidebook in particular. Have zero interest in the statues these things seem to always come with)


I thought I was done with the game until more DLC comes out, but I think a Youtube video sparked the idea of playing a chanter, single-class so as to reach those upper tier abilities. 20 hours later I’m not at over 230 hours with the game according to Steam and I think this is my favorite toon. It’s just such a great class to add to a party, the chants are great support and some of the abilities are really powerful, especially the higher level summons. He’s mostly a blunderbus from behind the fighters type, keeps him close enough so the phrases benefit the front line, while staying close enough to the enemies for his direct dmg stuff. For big fights I switch to Sasha’s Singing Scimitar and empower a summons to get those 3 phrases back right away (he’s also a Troubadour using Brisk Recitation to keep those phrases rolling over). So much fun, despite having played through most of this content a good 8-9x now.






The new UI for crafting is a nice improvement too.


No lie.