Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


I’ve always liked anything that made characters feel more alive. This has been growing out of style though, not that it was ever popular. It seems most people don’t like when their party members have their own goals and desires that sometimes conflict with the player.


Romances were never a big deal to me so much as characters having their own motivations. They can be interesting, but they’re usually fairly ham-fisted or poorly written. I think DA:I actually handled it better than most, but then it kind of screwed up so many other things that I’m not sure if that mattered so much.

In a lot of games you’ll have some pacifist hanging out with you while you throw babies into a bonfire and they’ll just complain about it a bit and maybe lose some “Loyalty” or some such. It’s pretty rare they’ll actually take a stand against you, because you’re Main Character and everyone just bows down to your whims with little more than a quip about it most of the time.

I mean one of the best moments in DA:O was when you tried to desecrate something holy and literally half your party could turn on you because of it. Because they fucking would, what the hell made you think these two very religious, good people were going to stand by and let that happen?


Trying to recall what you’re referencing but drawing a blank - I don’t remember anything other than the romances in DA:O in terms of companion behavior - can you elaborate?


Don’t corrupt the Ashes with certain people around.


Ah yes - thanks. That’s one resolution I never picked, even though I replayed the game last year and tried to select largely new options. Just seemed so wrong to side with the cultists.


Having just played Tyranny and now going back to PoE, I have to say I like the improvements they made in Tyranny (such as individual weapon skills, the combat UI, and it seems to present info in an easier to understand method). Has there been any word on what they are doing for PoE 2’s mechanics/UI? Are they building on Tyranny, or will it be based on PoE?


Can’t answer the question, but speaking of Tyranny, they added discount coupons to the reward tiers. Don’t know how they work just yet, but with an additional 50% off at the level I pledged at, I really should pick it up.


The Tyranny base (commander) and mid-level (archon) editions are both $25 on Kinguin. The Overlord digital collector’s edition is $32. (Versus $80 on Steam.)

So if you plan to buy the base version, the 50% coupon would beat Kinguin by a couple bucks. Otherwise better off going grey-market.


My advice is to avoid Kinguin. My cousin recently got a copy of Torment for me as a birthday gift from them, and a few weeks later Steam revoked the key, something about payment never being fulfilled. Same story with the key my cousin bought himself. It’s been 3 weeks and he’s still trying to find out if they will even give him store credit in return or not.


Hey, cool, the strong hold is a mobile fleet of ships now!

Sounds like a cool idea.

EDIT - While I was typing this up, I got an email with some more details from Fig, including a video!


the campaign is at 3.2M, likely to hit the “companions lite” stretch goal at 3.25M tonight or tomorrow morning. It finishes Friday at 5pm Pacific.

All the new stretch goals are either localization related or ship related or both, and they start at 3.5M and appear every 250k thereafter. Oh, there’s a new full companion at 5M but I don’t see that one getting hit. 3.5M certainly seems likely; will it hit anything else? Stay tuned.


I think the further stretch goals may have a chance if funding is kept open after the fig campaign, which seems to be the norm these days.

I do really like the ship feature and related gameplay. From my earliest AD&D sessions, I always thought ship battles and travel, etc. would be a lot of fun in an RPG and I loved the way the Ultima series dabbled with ship combat, but nothing since has really picked up the baton and done it in comprehensive way (spelljammer, I guess, but not really the same). About time.


[quote=“Desslock, post:153, topic:128205, full:true”]
I think the further stretch goals may have a chance if funding is kept open after the fig campaign, which seems to be the norm these days.[/quote]

Sure, although 5M still seems like a stretch. It’s probably worth repeating that of the current 3.2M in funding, half of that is coming from Fig. There’s some agreement in place that will say whatever it caps at but we don’t know it, and I would assume that it will be tied directly to the fig campaign and not paypal/etc. But this is another way of me saying it could easily clear another 500k in total, just during the campaign. So I won’t be at all surprised to see multiple goals hit this week, and more down the road. Or if it just sort of peters out. I’m satisfied with what we’ve gotten so far. I would certainly love to see more islands make it in.

For me, obtaining a ship in Ultima 3/4 is an indelible memory tied into 80s gaming. It was an amazing “I need to go explain to every human being that I know that I just did this thing in this game even though most of them don’t even understand computer games let alone of the significance of getting a ship in Ultima” moment. I’ve rarely seen it’s comparison.

It won’t work exactly like that here, but the presence of the ship will still capture a lot of the same awesomeness that came with it. Just the idea that the map suddenly opened wide, and that far off mysteries were now there for the finding. It was such an emotional high to kid me. Didn’t matter how many times I played 3 or 4. Every time I got a ship it was the same rush.


You know, if I hadn’t seen these videos I’d say we were 18 months out minimum. Maybe longer. But this stuff looks pretty polished. Do we have any sort of ETA for POE:D?

Yes, I agree ship bases feel more down-to-earth (I get the irony) then getting a huge free fortress.


I keep seeing “2018” so I assume about a year from now…


This will be the third game Obsidian made with the engine. I imagine they’re pretty good at rapid prototyping by now. There’s still a ton of content to be made for a huge RPG like PoE2.


Second-best tabletop campaign we ever played back in the day was centered around being the “senior” crew of a pirate ship. So much fun.


Yes Tyranny was out quick from announcement (it felt) though ultimately shorter (maybe MUCH shorter) on content than Pillars.


Tyranny took me 50 hours, but I took my time and read everything, explored what I could, etc. It took me 50 hours, but it seems there are people that it did in half that. Wasn’t PoE more around 100 hours? Tyranny also felt kind of rushed to me, I think they could have done a lot more with it.


Pillars took me 63 hours according to Steam and I did basically everything including both DLCs. All I skipped was a couple of bounties (because there’s no story to them and I didn’t need rewards at all by then) and the companion quests for the companions I didn’t use.