Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


Lol I hear you. I don’t know if it will happen though, unless they rework their resistance system as well.


This was an instant pledge for me, considering PoE was a highlight in gaming over the last years. However, since I’m not fond of the crowdfunding world anymore, I stuck with the Premium Digital package with the $5 discount (i.e. $40). I was about to go with the $99 Early Access - Credits package but stopped myself by realizing that I don’t care about badges, have no need for my name in a giant scroll list of credits, and don’t play betas to avoid spoiling the release experience. Ha! No more jumping on pledging more for nothing that I need/want.


My fervant hope is that this game is a bit smaller. I feel like the second city kinda ruined the games momentum. Sometimes less is more. Epic is all good in theory, until you’re on your 10th trash encounter while playing delivery boy.


I get it, but I disagree. Sure, smaller games can be better for replayability in the sense it doesn’t feel like a marathon playing again. I love the grand scale of the world with so much to do and explore, though. When you finish PoE, there’s a real sense of having lived this journey and deep satisfaction in the accomplishment much like I got from IE games all those years ago. I’d hope for more in Deadfire, not less, for that reason.


How long would POE be without the second city area? Still pretty darn big - certainly comparable to most classic 90s RPGs.


Ugh, I guess I need to finally sign up for Fig. I barely held out on Wasteland 3. =/


You may want to check out Tyranny.


I am - shorter POE was the main selling point for me!


On the one hand, this means they’re already a long way into production (because otherwise, 13 months after the end of the campaign seems rather optimistic). On the other hand, they’re clearly using Fig as an injection of funds and as an investment opportunity, rather than a way of kickstarting the game into production. Perhaps that’s another reason not to use Kickstarter?

I should really pledge towards this. And yet, I’ve barely made much progress into the first one. I pledged for Wasteland 3, and yet I’ve not even started Wasteland 2 yet. It would be sensible to wait until I’ve done all that, by which time Pillars 2 will have been out for a couple of years and heavily discounted. :)


I pledged at fig for Psychonauts 2 and Wasteland 3. Where is this $24 option?

Edit: I found a $5 discount in my email from Obsidian for being a Pillars of Eternity backer. So I found my own route to $24 I guess.


I was going to say this about sets you up for a while with gaming.


Yeah, this has been me all day and probably for a good long while.


Yes, cities in PoE are not that big but they are handled pretty well. It feels like the number of quests and places to visit is just right - plus there are plenty of combat encounters to spice things up so you don’t fall into that typical RPG city slog where you talk to people for 12-15 hours. When it comes to scope Defiance Bay and Twin Elms felt more like small towns in Baldur’s Gate series.


That’s the only route I know of!


When does the $5 show up in the checkout process? I followed the link in the email I got, but it looked like it charged me $45. Does the discount happen when the payment actually goes through?


There’s a selection among the extras marked “-$5” for the discount. You have to choose it to receive the discount.


I’m not sure I agree. Defiance Bay in particular felt weirdly truncated to me. Especially since they set up this faction allegiance mechanic and there are what, like, two faction specific quests for each, and maybe another two or three that you can do without aligning with them? It’s not like I needed a ton more to do there, but getting in good with a faction should really have been at least a little more involved.


Found it! Thanks!


Already fully funded, less than a day later. And I haven’t even had a chance to fund it yet, so they’ll get at least $40 more on top of what they have now. :)


I had to buy in to this.

Generally “deep” rpgs are super rare compared to open world rpgs or action rpgs that both place much less focus on story/writing. However it seems lately we have had a resurgence which i am super happy about.

Now i just need a Tyranny expansion/sequel.